The following photos were supplied by Mary Newell (née Flanagan), who spoke to Evelyn Stevens for the following recording on 6 April 2024.

L-R: Jimmy Greaney, Cahermorris (partially seen); Jacqueline Fox (partially seen); Agnes Fox, Glenrevagh; Patrick Greaney, Cahermorris; Mary Greaney, Cahermorris; Sean Holleran; Michael Fox; Tommy Greaney Woodquay and formerly Cahermorris; Patrick Forde, Balrobuck; Fr Thomas Martin PP; committee members Mickey Fox, Michael John Holleran, John Greaney, and Phil Holleran, all of Glenrevagh.

The pump house in 2024

Mary Newell (née Flanagan) with the photo of the official opening

Readers may also be interested in Tommy Greaney’s article Cahermorris-Glenrevagh Group Water Scheme.

Photo & Interview: Cahermorris-Glenrevagh Group Water Scheme

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