Editor’s note: This diary entry was written by William Ford of New Zealand, who visited England, Ireland, and Scotland in 1927, representing the Farmers’ Union of Southland. His parents were Mary Kavanagh from Coteenty and John Forde from Lisheenanoran. We are grateful to David Cavanagh for sharing this.

Sunday June 19, 1927.

Mr Thomas Walsh called to Elwood’s and accompanied by William Walsh drove through Annaghdown and to Walsh’s place where my mother and other Cavanagh’s were born and around the fields joining Mr Blake’s (Landlords) property of over 300 acres. There is one historic romance on Mr Walsh’s farm (formerly Cavanagh’s). An oval or round little plot of land-surrounded by a high stone wall about two acres said to have been roofed in the time the Danes occupied Ireland. Leaving the main road to the right, I followed a little boreen about 10 yards and going down an incline and several steps of stone is a well containing pure spring water. This wall is surrounded by rock and the spring is said to come through from a quarry on the hill above. This is the same well that my mother, Mary, in her youth drew water from for the use of the house etc.

A 1927 Visitor to Annaghdown

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