Thomas Browne’s Applotment:
A Copy of the Annadown Applotments, 1847

This is a transcription of a document entitled ‘A Copy of the Annadown Applotments – 1847’, presented to the Annaghdown Heritage Society in February 1996 by the Devaney family of Cregduff, Corrandulla. According to the prefacing summary page, it was applotted in spring 1847 by Thomas Browne, who lived in Cregduff.

It is unclear why the document was produced. A comparison with the later Griffith’s Valuation shows that the acreage given for each townland is consistent between the two. This suggests that Browne’s applotment was based on a published source – possibly the first edition of the Ordnance Survey map, produced in 1838. It is also possible that Browne came into contact with those carrying out the official valuation during the 1840s.

A page from Thomas Browne’s 1847 Applotment, detailing occupiers in Cluidrevagh

Some townlands name only a single individual as the landholder. Comparison with the 1841 and 1851 census statistics shows that there were many other households in most of these townlands, and Griffith’s Valuation corroborates this. This appears to have been the case particularly for townlands in the west of the parish. Some of these were held under the Rundale system, or a similar system of communal farming, and were not divided amongst the tenants until later in the nineteenth century. For example, William Foarde (sic.) is the only name which appears for the 303 acres and 2 perches of land in Muckrush. The 1841 census records six houses in Muckrush, and Griffith’s Valuation records Thomas Feenaghty, Thomas Farraher, James Elward and John Elward, alongside William Ford, as holding houses and land in Muckrush. This is also the case in Coteenty, Woodpark, Annaghdown, Rinnaharney, Shankill, Lisheenanoran, Barranny, Cloonboo, Park, Tonagarraun, Cloonleenaun, Shanbally, Grange, and Castlecreevy. Each of these is recorded by Browne with a single name for the landholder, who is of course shown to have a much larger holding than that recorded in Griffith’s.

By contrast, most townlands in the east of the parish are recorded in much greater detail. Some have landholders recorded who appear neither in Griffith’s Valuation nor in the Valuation Office house and field books which preceded it. This is particularly evident for Ardgaineen, where 21 landholders are recorded, each with approximately 30 acres. By the time Griffith’s Valuation was published, only two of these, William Burke and Patrick Feeney remained, while the remaining 560 acres of the townland were held in fee by Richard Kirwan, the landlord. The population of Ardgaineen in 1841 was 205 people living in 31 houses; by 1851 this had dropped to 22 people living in 3 houses. Thomas Browne’s applotment is the only record of some of the 28 households which vanished in the intervening period. It should be noted that the list does not indicate whether a particular landholder lived in the townland where they held land; for example, Michl Mealeu [O’Malley/Melia] who is listed as a landholder in Ardgaineen is likely the same Michael who is listed in Drumbaun, and lived in Cregg townland.
Buildings recorded in the applotment are Captain Burke’s residence in Annaghdown, Patrick Wade’s mills and offices at Drumgriffin and Aucloggeen, John Robinson’s house at Aucloggeen, the Glebe House and offices, occupied by the Rev. Mr Marley, Cregg Castle, occupied by Francis Blake Esq., Simon Fury’s house in Bunatober, Cahermorris House, Winterfield House in Tonagarraun, occupied by Dr Donnellan, James Browne’s house in Cregduff, Mrs Redmond Commins’ house in Corrandulla, George Commins’ house in Castlecreevy, John Cavanagh’s house in Gortroe, Woodpark House, occupied by John French, and a school–house at Biggera.
Exemptions are recorded for two graveyards at Annaghdown, the Church of Ireland building and churchyard at Aucloggeen, the Catholic Chapel and graveyard at Carrowbeg (Corrandulla Church), graveyards at Corrandulla, Cregg, and Grange, and a burial ground at Cregduff. The full document can be viewed and downloaded below.

Paul Greaney,
May 2020.

A Copy of the Annadown Applotments ~ ~ ~ 1847

 Statute AcresValue
Annadown [Annaghdown]      
Capt. Burke’s House1000
Pull Beire for Ditto10330376
Kerrigan’s parks – Ditto252110127
Abbey land – Ditto221313150
Lime Kiln park – Thos Kilkelly14212900
Carreen – Patt Cosgrave402002500
Knockmlove – John Gardner181128??15
Gorth–pull–na–ha – Ditto3312113169
Ronrea – Ditto540132256
Lishenoran parks – George Woods17433029159
Tarmon Wood – Col Rochfort12733421158
Annadown – Total68521222542
Annagh East      
Michl Burke221337390
Annagh West      
Patrick Foarde169157060
Thomas Duggan711184777
Cutteenty [Coteenty]      
Cutteenty More – Own Scully2862336678
Cutteenty beg – Wm Cavenagh34032100
Cutteenty beg – Bog – Mr Skerrett38031578
Cutteenty – Total35832792157
Woodpark – Messrs John & Joe French2761204789
Woodpark hous – John French8160
Woodpark – Total2761205649
  Muckrush Muckrush – Wm Foarde    303    0    2    60    9    10
Rabbit Island – ditto14363160
Billebeg Island – ditto3115068
Muckrush  – Total32102364126
Rinneharna [Rinnaharney]      
Rinneharna – Edm. Dilleen1603243178
Walsh’s Island – Ditto10280510
Ditto small island10280510
Illaun Vertrey1320048
Ditto – Ditto128054
Rinneharna – Total16732445119

Shankill – Peter O’Hara198128150106
Lishenoran [Lisheenanoran]      
Lishenoran – James Cahill68607122144
Baranna [Barranny]      
Baranna – Denis Crowe118113013324
Clonboo [Cloonboo]      
Clonboo – Wm Burke42501513903
Castlequarter – Michl Carr1072232168
Park – John Costello1650275285
Tonegurrane [Tonagarraun]      
Tonegurrane – Michl Forde516216129186
Doctor Donelan’s House   1640
Ditto Land30001640
Tonegurrane – Total54621616266
Creggduff [Cregduff]      
Creggduff – Thos Browne48022386542
James Browne’s House370
Creggduff – Patt Collins160037281517
Creggduff – Total64033011876
Tonemace [Tonamace]      
Tonemace – John Cahill2412349063
Illaun a Neel      
Illaun a Neel – Patt Cosgrave13311648
Ditto West21390122
Island a Neel – Total1611061610
Cloonleenaun – James Cahill22022677117
Mace – Francis Blake Esqr2771012850
Bally na geehy & New Village [part of Mace]      
Bally na geehy & New Village – Hargadon15233654132
Patt Killillea16531776133
Grange – Michl Davin2623583125
Correndolla [Corrandulla]      
Corrandolla – George Commons38401617438
Mrs Redmd Commons house580
Correndolla – Total384016179118
Carrow–beg South [Carrowbeg South]      
Carrowbeg South – F. Blake Esqr12022958117
Castle–crevy [Castlecreevy]      
Castle–crevy – Own Scahill420399137
Mr Matt Commons in ditto30382000
George Commons house3120
Castle Creevy – Total4051110557
Mullagh–a–drum [Mullaghadrum]      
Mullagh–a–drum – Revd. Mr. Sheridan1837883
Mr Patt Wade ditto170411163
Gort–Roe [Gortroe]      
Gort–Roe – Own Scahill118076296
Bryan Neal – ditto4123420126
Patt Larner – ditto330161685
Martin Foarde & Co16216842
Charles Costello & Co252212126 ½
Mr John Cavenagh3321817129
Mr John Cavenagh’s house600
John Cavenagh Aughlogeen & Co440312146
Gort–roe – Total3123416544
Drumgriffin – Francis Blake Esqr71145850
Mr Wade’s Mill & offices3300
Ditto Land9236700
John Killkelly2631211010
Michl Grealy2420010010
John Cavenagh15236100
Francis Linnane3311413178
Rodger Killkelly1804786
Moran & Linnane11164128
Rev. Mr. Sheridan11164128
Mr John Cavenagh11164128
Cahirlea [Caherlea]      
Cahirlea – Francis Blake Esqr11001266172
Illaun Sillagh – Mr Patt Wade400200
Caherlea – Total11401268172
John Killgarrive1452267870
Baun–More [Baunmore]      
Baun–More – John Foarde & Co.12128561910
Drumbaun – Mihl Walsh & Co2721015190
Hugh & Michl Mealue Ditto8019500
Aughlogeen [Aucloggeen]      
Aughlogeen – James King2622371051911
Mr Patt Wade1219156
Ditto Mill & offices1150
John Robinson’s house4100
Aughlogeen – Total264116122105
Glebe – Revd Mr Marley330820100
House & offices13160
Cregg – Francis Blake Esqr233215131190
Ditto House & offices4180
Cregg – Total23321517370
Baraville [Barravilla]      
Baraville – Francis Blake Esqr931376026
Nine Acres [Nineacres]      
Nine Acres – John Robinson1613810102
Tumnaholla – John Egan Esqr61721134176
Sleifin [Slievefin]      
Sleifin – James Blake Esqr2423358283
Revd Richard Marley45351423
John Robinson33001035
Michl Cunningham362131156
Michl Heshion613331920
Wm Glynn252267184
Thomas Hynes121243165
Dennis Heshion80242133
Thomas Silk363210194
Sleifin – Total5031216259
James Lambert Esqr5933027151
Peter Grealy ditto2223410101
Patt Newell ditto11116550
Carheeny – Total940043102
Killgill [Kilgill]      
Kilgill new – Martin Cunningham9702940100
Kilgill More – John Kennedy & Co.1002003937
2nd part of Ditto – Michl Skerritt11403047119
Cartroon [Cartron]      
Cartroon – Wm Mealiu6833027172
Ditto – Wm Allen682292700
Cartroon – Total13731954172
Killcahill [Kilcahill]      
Killcahill – Mr John Cavenagh429032198123
Carrourooaun [Carrownrooaun]      
Carrourooaun – Michl Flaherty13412549410
Cloonagh – Mr John Nolan45092357
Corrandrum – John Burke723123597
Michl Fahy – Ditto34301400
Corrandrum – Total1072124997
Corbally – Mr Patt Cullinan183066838
Thos Grealy ditto19232700
John Heshion ditto19232700
Corbally – Total2221308238
Racooney [Racoona]      
Racooney – Mr Laurence Glynn11733443133
Balrobuck – Francis Blake Esqr1780305019
Turlough–garrive [Turloughgarve]      
Turlough–garrive – Mr Cavenagh1612303500
Bolishsheen [Bolisheen]      
Bolishsheen – Mr Cavenagh2513175675
Bunoghanaun – Mart Blake Esqr47204141195
Bunnehevla More [Bunnahevelly More]      

Bunnehevla More – Myles Burke
Bunnahevla beg [Bunnahevella Beg]      
Bunnahevla beg – Robt French Esqr13903836153
Balrobuck More      
Balrobuck More – John Killillea259331123113
Balrobuck Beg      
Balrobuck beg – John Boyle21203159143
Thos Heshion ditto160324111
Thos Dively & Gardners803383542
James Sweeney Ballynagran262371154
Balrobuck beg – Total3360171101410
Ardgenine [Ardgaineen]      
Ardgenine – James Burke293388180
Martin Boyle29110630
Peter Holleran313106180
Patt Murphy202257130
Wm Bryan190377000
Martin Fury1914650
Myles Roach160245124
Michl Hughes28241030
Patt Feeney57015191300
John Dunn2421281000
Patt Boland2514920
John Cannavan233217130
Mihl Killilea213286180
Martin Ginnane2335700
Patt Mulryan29122650
Martin Craven2921651300
Murty Craven34130700
Bartholomew Craven37230141500
Martin Silk120671000
Michl Mealeu25108100
Martin Nohelly2121361800
William Burke290241800
Glanreavough [Glenrevagh]      
Upper Glanreavough – Patt Healy265117481200
Lower Ditto – Martin Moran1811273397
Rickard–bewe–park – John Heshion1063323400

Cahirmorris [Cahermorris]      
Cahirmorris House1000
Demean – Mrs Morris980055100
Castle park – Richard Sheridan560027100
Laffy’s park – ditto23108100
New take – ditto23208100
Flanegan’s pt of New take2301100
Flanegan & Monaghan in Balinafad13005100
Balinafad including 3 ½ A in Castlepark52102000
John Burke1020400
Mr Wade55102000
John Faraher in Cahirmorris582021100
Douds Turlough48201670
Mrs Mc Kew’s590027100
Cahirmorris – Total5011023470
Mr Simon Fury’s house4140
Land for Ditto73002800
Park na Liddane – Wm Murry102004000
Peter Greany232081010
Michl Templeton1700500
Dooley’s Holding12103100
Murphy’s ditto1020300
John Faraher8303100
Neven & Cunningham2090235227
Mrs Morris in Bunatober5202100
Bunatober – Total461223150167
Upper Biggary [Biggera]      
Upper Biggary – John Dennis3063375368
Cluderavough [Cluidrevagh]      
Cludereavough – Malachy Glynn28220121000
Clude Village161004150
James Doud’s in lr Clude4221512100
Francis Doud4221512100
Thos Burke4221512100
Morris’s park95202326
Cludereavough – Total6781517474
Biggary [Biggera]      
Biggary – James Nolan1130031102
Bryan Shaughnessy27267130
Peter Roach6302717100
Martin Grealy173104190
Own Moggan & Co27267150
Thos Hanly29228660
Darby Grealy19130580
Michl Winne92352150
John Coen8015250
School–house Land61361160
School–house ditto430

Exemtions [sic.]

[Columns are Area, Land value, Building value, Total value]

Annadown two grave yards110040040
Aughlogeen church yard1020012731804107
Carrowbeg catholic chapel & graveyard120015922502309
Correndolla grave yard030039039
Cregg grave yard100010010
Grange grave yard0028015015
Creggduff Buriel ground0220063063
Total of Statude Acres in Annadown parish19543 A – 3 R – 3 P
Annual Value of the above land£6136 – 13 – 7
Annual Value of houses in sd. Parish£184 – 3 – 0
Total Value of land & Houses£6320 – 3 – 0

Applotted Spring ~ 1847

Thos. Browne

Thomas Browne’s Applotment, 1847

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