Carrowbeg North / An Cheathrú Bheag Thuaidh

Compiled by Irene McGoldrick


Irish name: An Cheathrú Bheag Thuaidh

English name: Carrowbeg North

Meaning: the small quarter

Area: 238 acres, 0 roods and 7 perches

Field Names: none yet recorded.

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Other names: Carrowbeg (Inq. Temp. Eliz), Carrubegg, Carrowbeg North (B. S. Sketch Map), Carruebegg (County Book), Carrowbeg North (Local), Carobeg Parke.

Description: Townland. It is the property of F. Blake, Esq. All under tillage except a small portion of rocks in the South end.

Situation: It is situated 1/4 mile of Currrandulla Chapel. Bounded N. and East by Turloughgorriv. South by Carrowbeg South. West by Currandulla.

Population Statistics

1841: 2 houses, 11 people (7 male, 4 female)

1851: 3 houses, 17 people (10 male, 7 female)

1861: 4 houses, 24 people (14 male, 10 female)

1871: 3 houses, 19 people (12 male, 7 female)

1881: 3 houses, 19 people (11 male, 8 female)

1891: 3 houses, 22 people ( 14 male, 8 female)

1901: 3 houses, 13 people (8 male, 5 female)

1911: 3 houses, 16 people (9 male, 7 female)

2011: Not available

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

The Tithe Applotment Books do not distinguish between Carrowbeg North and Carrowbeg South. Fras [Francis] Blake Esq is listed with 58 acres and Lauce [Laurence] Murray is listed with 4 acres.

1853 Griffith’s House Books

In December 1853, Francis Blake Esq is listed with house and office, John Morris with house and office, and The Constabulary Force with House.

1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation entries for Carrowbeg North

Griffith’s Valuation shows 6 entries in Carrowbeg North in 1855: Francis Blake with a herd’s house and land; Thomas Lynch, Bridget Connor and Patrick Lynch holding land only, and John Morris holding a house, offices and land, all with Francis Blake listed as immediate lessor. The final entry is Contstabulary Forces Police barrack, immediate lessor John Morris with half annual rent.

1871-1901 Deaths

DateTownlandNameSexConditionAgeOccupationCauseMedical AttendantCertifiedRegistered byLink
05/08/1874CarrowbegEllen MorrissFMarried80 yearsNo occupationAsthma & old age, a long timeYJohn Morriss, occupier, CarrabegLink
07/01/1877CarrowbegJohn MorrisMWidower81 yearsFarmerDisease of kidneys & bladder, long timeYJohn Morris, PADLink
13/12/1877CarrowbegMartin FordeMBachelor3 yearsLabourer’s childCroup, two daysYThomas Forde, occupierLink
20/09/1882Carrabeg NorthMary Anne MooneyFSpinster20 yearsNo occupationConsumption on the lungs, 18 monthsYJohn Morris, occupier, PADLink
29/06/1885Carrabeg NorthBridget ConnorFWidow70 yearsHerd’s widowSmothering, one weekNNMary Connor, granddaughter, PADLink
23/01/1886Carabeg NorthMargaret MorrissFSpinster2 years and 4 monthsNoneCroup, 2 daysYDelia Morriss, mother, PADLink
25/07/1895CarrabegJames MorrisMMarried68 yearsSteward of Dublin CorporationAcute bronchitis, 21 daysYJohn Morris, son, PADLink
13/02/1898CarrabegJames MurphyMBachelor85 yearsLabourerBronchitis, 8 daysNNJohn Connor, employer, PADLink
Deaths in Carrowbeg North, 1871-1901

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following 4 households in Carrowbeg North.

  1. John Morris lived with his wife Delia, sons James, Patrick & John J, and daughter Anne.
  2. John Connor lived with his wife Ellen, son Martin and daughter Mary.
  3. Thomas Forde lived with his wife Margaret and son John.
  4. Christopher Clancy lived with wife Margaret, sons William, John, Dan & Christopher and daughters Maggie and Kathleen. [This is an error – the family also appear in the townland of Carraghy].

The house info from Form B1 seems to exclude the Clancy household. All three houses were of the second class, with stone walls, one house with a thatched roof, two houses with slate, iron or tiled roofs. One house had two front windows, one had three front windows and one with had four windows in the front. Two of the houses had stables, cow houses and barns, all three had cow houses, piggeries, fowl houses, and cart houses.

1911 Census

  1. John Connor (widower) lived with his son John, daughter-in-law Annie, grandson Edward and granddaughters Mary and Ellen.
  2. John Forde lived with his wife Bridget, sons Thomas, Patrick & Stephen and daughter Magie (sic.).
  3. John Morris (married) lived with his daughter Annie Morris, nephew James Morris and Lizzie Coyne – boarder.

The house info from Form B1 lists the three houses as of the second class with stone walls; two of the houses had thatched roofs, and one had a roof made of slate, iron or tiles. Two of the houses had three windows in the front, and one had four. All three houses had stables, cow houses, piggeries, barns and turf houses. Two houses had calf houses and cart houses. One holding also had a fowl house.

Carrowbeg North / An Cheathrú Bheag Thuaidh

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