Corbally / An Corrbhaile

Townland. It is the property of James O’Hara, Esq., Galway. The greater portion under tillage and a very large portion subject to winter floods forming part of the Turlough. The townland abounds in small forts and near its North side is Corbally house the residence of Browne, Esq., of this townland forms a demesne. There is a Trigl. Station in its Western centre 131 feet above the sea, and the general surface of the townland and varies from 94 to 130 feet above the sea.

Shanbally / An tSean Bhaile

Shanbally / An Seanbhaile Compiled by Paul Greaney Overview Irish name: An Seanbhaile Irish pronunciation: English name: Shanbally Meaning: the old town/village Area: 165 acres and 29 perches. Field Names: None yet recorded. Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books Other names: Shanbally, Sean bhaile, Shanmhallagh (Bostoon!), Shanbally (B.