Cloonleenaun / Cluain Leannáin

Compiled by Paddy & Bridie Scully


Irish name: Cluin Leannain

English name: Cloonleenaun

Other Name: Farmerstown

Meaning: The Pasture of Leannán. Leannán — ainm pearsanta.

Area: 220 acres 1 rood and 15 perches

Field Names: none yet recorded.

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Other names: Cluain Lionáin, Cloonleenaun (B. S. Sketch Map). Clonenanemore (County Book), Cloonlenanemore (High Constable 1838). Cloonlenanebeg (High Constable 1838). Cloonlenan Inq.(Temp. Irl. D.) Ballanavellamerees or Farmerstown (Local), Cluin Lionain (Local), Cloonlinnan (Rector of Annaghdown).

Situation: It is situated 1 1/2 miles S. E. of Corrandulla Church bounded North by Thonamace, South by Lisanoran, East by Mace and West by Annaghdown.

Description: Townland. Proprioter William Skerrett Esq. Caranasro. All under tillage except a portion of flooded ground in the south end.

 Population Statistics

1841: 8 houses,134 people (69 male, 35 female)

1851: 8 houses, 52 people (18 male, 34 female)

1861: 8  houses, 48 people ( 18male,  30 female)

1871: 8 houses, 55 people (20 male, 35 female)

1881: 8 houses, 59 people (27 male, 32 female)

1891: 8 houses, 38 people (22 male, 16 female)

1901: 8 houses, 37 people (22 male, 15 female)

1911: 7 houses, 34 people (20 male,14 female)

2011: 25 houses,75 people (41 male,34 female)

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

The Tithe Applotment Books record the following five names as having land in Cloonleenaun in 1824: Thomas Moylan, Pat Moylan, Martin Cahill, Peter Forde and Jas Burke.

Griffith’s House Books & 1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation record the following names as holding house and land in Cloonleenaun: Jeremiah Divine, James Fahy,William Moylan,Bridget Moylan, Edmond Moylan, Danial Moylan and Patrick Joyce. In addition, Thomas Cahill, John Cahill and Thomas Cahill (John) held land only.

griffs 3 cloonleenaun
Cloonleenaun entries in Griffith’s Valuation

1871-1901 Deaths

DateTownlandNameSexConditionAgeOccupationCauseMedical AttendantCertifiedRegistered byLink
05/01/1871FarmerstownHonor HynesFWidow71 yearsPeasantBronchitis, 3 weeksNNWilliam Hynes, PADLink
23/05/1877CloonlinaneHonor DevanyFWidow78 yearsPeasant’s widowSmothering in chest & pains in the stomach, 2 weeksNNDarby Devaney, occupierLink
04/10/1879FarmerstownCelia MoylanFSpinster4 daysPeasant’s childWeakness since birthNNMary Moylan, PADLink
07/05/1881CloonlinaneMary MoylanFWidow95 yearsPeasantWeakness & exhaustion, 2 monthsNNThomas Moylan, occupierLink
10/08/1882FarmerstownEllen BurkeFWidow80 yearsPeasantOld age and debility, a long timeNNJulia Moylan, PADLink
12/01/1883CloonlinaneMary CahillFWidow97 yearsPeasantOld age and debility, long timeNNMartin Fahy, grandson, PADLink
26/08/1886CloonlinaneMichael MoylanMBachelor18 daysPeasant’s childConvulsions after birth, 9 daysNNMary Moylan, aunt, PADLink
02/11/1887CloonlinaneBridget FahyFMarried65 yearsPeasantCough and asthma, six monthsNNJames Fahy, widower of deceased and occupierLink
25/03/1889FarmerstownKate MoylanFSpinster20 yearsPeasantHepatitis, one year, and anasarca, 6 monthsYPatrick Moylan, brother, PADLink
13/02/1890CloonlinaneMichael DevanyMBachelor22 yearsLabourerPhthisis and sore knee, 1 yearYDarby Devany, father and occupierLink
19/06/1890FarmerstownBridget JoyceFMarried24 yearsPeasantPhthisis pulmonum, one yearYMark Lynch, PAD, CurrandullaLink
23/02/1891CloonlinanePatrick DempseyMBachelor88 yearsLabourerSevere cold and smothering, one weekNNJohn Fahey, PADLink
28/06/1891CloonlinaneDarby DevanyMMarried72 yearsPeasantPains all over his body, two monthsNNPatrick Devany, son, PADLink
14/03/1897CloonlinaneWilliam MoylanMWidower86 yearsHouseholderHypertrophy of prostate, 2 years, suppurative nephritis, 7 daysYWilliam Moylan, son, PADLink
06/01/1899FarmerstownThomas MoylanMMarried52 yearsLandholderPneumonia and bronchitis, 11 daysNNHonor Moylan, widow of deceasedLink
11/04/1899CloonlinaneEdmond MoylanMWidower86 yearsLandholderCold, 3 daysNNHonor Moylan, daughter-in-lawLink
16/03/1900CloonlinaneBridget DevanyFSpinster28 yearsDaughter of farmerConsumption, 2 yearsNNPatrick Devany, brother, PADLink
Deaths in Cloonleenaun, 1871-1901

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following individuals living in 8 households in Cloonleenaun.

1. Edmond Daniel Moylan (85), wife Mary (70) [née Laffey] and son John (30).

2. Michael Moylan (70), wife Julia (65) [née Burke], son Daniel (37), daughter-in-law Mary (45) [née Greaney], granddaughters Delia (11), Kate (5) and grandson Michael (12).

3. Michael Joyce (42), wife Margaret (37) [née Moylan], sons Patrick (11), William (6), Michael (4), and daughter Mary (1).

4. Margaret Moylan (80) [née Lacey], son Thomas (48), and niece Mary Hynes (10).

5. Honor Moylan (36) [née Burke], widow, sons Edward (18), Thomas (11), Michael (9), John (7), Patrick (6) and William (4).

6. John Moylan (57), wife Margaret (60) [née Crowe], son Thomas (26) and daughter Bridget (20).

7. Bridget Devaney (74) [née Cahill], widow, son Patrick (24), and granddaughter Mary Forde (12).

8. James Fahy (86), son John (40), daughter-in-law Mary (40) [née Divilly] (35) and grandson James (6).

All houses were recorded as stone built with thatched roofs. Six were of the second class with three front windows and two were third class with two front windows, all having between two and four rooms. Seven had a stable, seven a barn, six a cart house, six a piggery and five a cow house.

1911 Census

The 1911 Census of Ireland records the following individuals living in seven households (with one vacant house) in Cloonleenaun.

1. John Fahy (45), wife Mary (45), nee Divilly, and son James (16).

2. John Moylan (71), and son Thomas (39).

3. Honor Moylan (50), sons Thomas (22), Michael (20), John (18), Patrick (16), William (15) and Martin (12).

4. Michael Joyce (54), wife Margaret (48), sons Patrick (21), Willie (16), Michael (14), John (9) and daughter Mary (12).

5. Daniel Moylan (50), wife Mary (60) [née Greaney], son Michael (22), daughters Delia (20) and Katie (16).

6. John Moylan (55), wife Bridget [nee O’Connor] (39), and daughter Mary Ellen (5).

7. Patrick Devaney (40), wife Mary [née Collins] (40), daughters Bridget (8), Norah (7), Mary (6), Celia (5 months) and son Michael (3).

8. Vacant.

All houses were recorded as stone-built with thatched roofs. Five were of the second class with three front windows and two were of the third class with two front windows, all having between two and four rooms. All had a cow house, stable and piggery, five had a shed and four a fowl house.

Note: Genealogical information in squared brackets has been added by the authors and does not appear in the original record.

Cloonleenaun / Cluain Leannáin

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