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Irish name: Baile Roboc Beag

English name: Balrobuck Beg

Meaning: The small town(land) of Roboc.  Robac is a personal name:  Rob (pet form of Robert) +” -ac”, diminutive suffix common amongst the Anglo-Normans.  Possibly named after Sir Robuck Lynch.

Area: 336 acres, 0 roods and 17 perches.

Other Names:  The townland is often referred to as “Ballybeg”, while Balrobuck More is often to as “Balrobuck”.

Field Names: Ballygaddy; Ballynagian (from catalogue accompanying sale of Lynch Encumbered Estate, 1876).

Other Landmarks: Townland contains a Caher (a ringfort).  “On a gentle E-facing slope. Roughly circular ringfort (D c. 40m) defined by a degraded bank of earth and stone which is visible only at NE. Elsewhere the monument is obscured by dense blackthorn growth. The above description is derived from the published ‘Archaeological Inventory of County Galway Vol. II – North Galway’. Compiled by Olive Alcock, Kathy de hÓra and Paul Gosling (Dublin: Stationery Office, 1999). Date of upload: 05 August 2010.”  [Extract from Map of National Monuments. Feature is located at eastern boundary of the townland.]

Information from the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage

1. Thatched Cottage:  “Detached four-bay single-storey vernacular house, built c.1800, having single-storey twentieth-century lean-to to rear. Pitched thatched roof with decorative knotting to raised ridge, wire mesh to eaves, and rendered chimney stack. Rendered walls. Square-headed window openings with two-over-two pane timber sliding sash windows with painted stone sills. Square-headed glazed timber battened half-door to entrance. House set back from road with garden and random rubble drystone boundary wall to rear. Single-storey outbuilding to south-east having pitched corrugated-iron roof, and yard to front.”

2. Thatched Cottage: “Detached four-bay, single-storey vernacular house, built c.1800, with dormer attic, having single-storey late twentieth-century extension to north-east gable. Pitched thatched roof with decorative knotting to ridge, low rendered chimneystack and rendered stone copings. Rendered walls. Square-headed window openings with relacement uPVC windows and doors, and painted stone sills. Single-storey outbuilding to south-west with monopitch corrugated-iron roof and lime-rendered random rubble walls. Set in field with laneway flanked by field stone wall and having yard to front.”

3. Thatched Cottage:  “ Detached three-bay single-storey vernacular house, built c.1800, with dormer attic, and having single-bay two-storey addition to west end, and single-storey late twentieth-century extension to rear. Pitched thatched roof with raised ridge, wire mesh to eaves, and painted stone copings and scrolled bargeboards to gable end of older part. Lime-rendered random rubble stone walls. Square-headed window openings with painted stone heads and sills, external decorative timber shutters, and replacement timber windows. Square-headed glazed timber sheeted door. Set parallel to road with low rendered boundary wall with square piers and timber gate to front at roadside. Single-storey outbuilding to rear having monopitch corrugated-iron roof and lime-rendered random rubble stone walls, with garden also to rear.”

4.  Thatched Cottage: “Detached four-bay single-storey vernacular house, built c.1800, with dormer attic, and incorporating outbuilding to south end under same roof. Slightly lower return addition to rear. Pitched thatched roof with decorative knotting to ridge, wire mesh to eaves, rendered chimneystack, dormer window with slate roof to rear, and rendered stone copings. Rendered walls with render plinth, parallel quoins to front of house part, and eaves course. Rear addition has pitched slate roof not tied into thatched roof, and rendered walls. Square-headed openings with decorative render surrounds having stone insets, replacement timber windows and replacement uPVC door. Set parallel to road with garden to front enclosed by low rendered wall, rendered piers and metal garden gate. Single-storey outbuildings to north-west and south-west, former having pitched corrugated-iron roof, and latter having slate roof.”

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Note:  No distinction is made between Balrobuck More and Balrobuck Beg in the notes. The list of Other Names below probably refers to Balrobuck More mostly.

Other names: Balrobuck. Baile Roboc – Roboc’s town, Robucks Town, Balrobuck, Balrubbuckmore (B. S. Sketch Map), Ballarubbagh, straggled village (B. S. Sketch Map), Ballrubbagh (Barony Map), Ballyrobuck after Robuck Lynch (Cahill Esq., Annaghdown), Ballerobuck (County Book), Ballyroebuck (County Book), Ballrubbagh (County Map), Balrubuck in the whole (High Constable 1838), Ballyrobug (Inq. Temp. Eliz.), Balrobuck (Inq. Temp. Inc. I), Balrubbughbeg (Local), Balrubbuck (Local), Ballrubbugh (Local), Balroubuckmore (Rector of Annaghdown), Balroubuckbeg (Rector of Annaghdown).

Description: H.[Unable to read.] Blake Esq., Loughrea, proprietor. All under tillage except about 9 acres subject to Winter floods. 

Situation:  It is situated 1/2 mile N. W. of Currandulla Chapel. Bounded N. by Balrobbuckbeg. South by Currandulla. East by [Unable to read.][Unable to read.][Unable to read.]loughgorriv. West by Grange.

Down Survey (1670)

Name:  Balrobuck Beg

1651 Owners(s): Lynch, Sir Roebuck (Catholic)

1670 Owner(s): O’Neil, John (Catholic)

County: Galway; Barony: Clare; Parish: Annaghdoon

Population Statistics

1841: 32 inhabited houses + 0 uninhabited house, 190 people (92 male, 98 female)

1851: 23 inhabited houses + 1 uninhabited house, 122 people (56 male, 66 female)

1861: 27 inbabited houses + 1 uninhabited house, 146 people (70 male, 76 female)

1871: 25 inhabited houses + 1 uninhabited house, 124 people (68 male, 56 female)

1881: 24 inhabited houses + 0 uninhabited houses, 134 people (64 male, 70 female)

1891: 20 inhabited houses + 0 uninhabited houses, 93 people (43 male, 50 female)

1901: 17 inhabited houses + 2 uninhabited houses, 78 people (41 male, 37 female)

1911: 17 inhabited houses + 0 uninhabited houses, 83 people (43 male, 40 female)

2011: 51 houses (3 vacant), 153 people (83 male, 70 female)

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

The Tithe Applotment Books do not record the names of any tenants in Balrobuckbeg. They record several subdenominations of the townland: Turlough Park, Ballygaddy, Sedgy Moor and Wet Bottom.  The total levy was £14 0s 7d.

1840 Griffith’s House Books & 1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Balrobuckbeg entries in Griffith’s Valuation (1855)

In 1855 Griffith’s Valuation, the following 18 people rented houses and land from Mark Lynch:

Michael Ford, Patrick Spelman, Mary Burke, Patrick Burke, John Boyle, Jeremiah Ford, Mary Murphy, John Shaughnessy, Martin Lenihan, Timothy Hanley, James Glavin, Michael Grealy, Matthias Curran, Michael Curran, Patrick Hessian, Martin Burke, Dominick Sweeny, Thomas Divilly and Patrick Boyle (Land only).

The 1853 Field Books record the following as also renting houses in Balrobuckbeg:  Mary McCue (2l), Martin Higgins (2m), Margaret Kilkelly (2n), James Mactighe (2o), John Cowen (3b), 

Sale in Encumbered Estates Court, 1876

The townland of Balrobuckbeg (referred to as Balrobuck) was offered for sale at the Land Judges Court on 28 April 1876, along with the lands of Glenrevagh and Richardbee.  These lands were in the possession of the Assignees of Anthony Lynch (i.e., the Revd. John Darcy and others).  

The following people were listed as tenants with dwellings and/or land in Balrobuck Beg in the 1876 sale catalogue: Timothy Hanley, Mark Devany, Patrick H. Burke, Darby Forde, John Boyle, William H. Burke, Mary Lenighan, Thomas Burke (late John A. Burke), John F. Burke, George Tyrrell, James McTighue, Mary Murphy, James Glavin, Dominick Sweeny, Patrick Hession, Michael Curran, Martin Forde, Patrick Forde, John Cowan, William Curran, Martin Burke, John Forde, Thomas Divilley and John Diviley.

The lands were sold “subject to the perpetual annuity of £36 18s. 6d. sterling, payable to Thomas Skerrett, a lunatic, under the will of Mary Skerrett, dated the 16th of September, 1803, and to the sum of £4 10s. 5d. for Quit Rent, and to the sum of £15 5s. 8d. per annum Tithe-rent charge.”

1871-1901 Deaths

DateTownlandNameSexConditionAgeOccupationCauseMedical AttendantCertifiedRegistered byLink
13/01/1871BalrobuckbegMargaret KellyFWidow70 yearsLaborer widowDebility, 1 yearNNBridget Costello, PADLink
10/11/1871BalrobuckPat HessionMBachelor2 years, 3 monthsLaborer’s childAnasarca, 14 daysNNPat Hession, PADLink
10/08/1872BalrobuckbegEllen HanlyFMarried74 yearsFarmer’s wifeDebility, 8 yearsNNTimothy Hanly, PADLink
26/01/1873BalrobuckbegThomas HanlyMBachelor7 weeksLandholder’s sonConvulsions, 1 dayNNTimothy Hanly, PADLink
20/03/1873BalrobuckbegJudy BurkeFMarried40 yearsLandholder’s wifePhthisis, 1 yearYMary Burke, PADLink
30/03/1875BalrobuckbegMartin ComerMBachelor2 yearsLabourer’s sonConvulsions, 14 daysYKate Coen, PADLink
29/01/1876BalrobuckbegMary KavanaghFSpinster4.5 monthsInfantConvulsionsNNJulia Kavanagh, mother, PADLink
05/10/1876BalrobuckbegBridget HessionFSpinster11 yearsLandholder’s daughterInflamation of the lungsYMargaret Hession, PADLink
09/02/1879BalrobuckbegInfant CunninghamMBachelor20 minutesLandholder’s sonImperfect breathing from birthYBridget Burke, PADLink
03/08/1879BalrobuckbegMary BurkeFSpinster26 yearsServantFever, 14 daysNNJulia Greany, PADLink
29/09/1879BalrobuckbegPatrick ShaughnessyMBachelor22 yearsShop assistantFever, 9 daysNNMargaret Shaughnessy, PADLink
25/07/1879BalrobuckbegJohn GilmoreMMarried60 yearsLandholderStomach disease, 3 monthsNNMary Gilmore, PADLink
18/12/1879BalrobuckbegJames GleavinMMarried87 yearsLandholderOld ageNNThomas Burke, PADLink
31/03/1880BalrobuckbegJohn BoyleMMarried92 yearsLandholderOld ageNNJulia Cavanagh, PADLink
20/01/1881BalrobuckbegMichael CurranMMarried60 yearsLandholderCancer of pylous, 10 yearsNNMary Curran, PADLink
16/12/1880BalrobuckbegPatrick BoyleMBachelor60 yearsLandholderDropsy, 9 weeksNNMary Curran, PADLink
16/04/1881BalrobuckbegMichael CurranMBachelor6 yearsLandholder’s sonTyphus, 17 daysYMary Curran, PADLink
05/09/1881BalrobuckbegInfant BurkeMBachelor4 daysLandholder’s sonConvulsions, 1 dayNNThomas Burke, father, PADLink
01/11/1881BalrobuckbegMary McHughFSpinster1 year, 5 monthsLandholder’s childWeakness, 3 monthsNNMary McHugh, mother, PADLink
07/09/1883BalrobuckbegSabina BoyleFWidow88 yearsWidow of labourerSenile decay, 3 monthsNNMichael Cavanagh, son-in-law, PADLink
28/11/1884BalrobuckbegCelia SweeneyFWidow73 yearsLandholder’s wifdowChronic bronchitis, 6 weeksNNDominick Sweeney, son, PADLink
12/11/1884BalrobuckbegMat CurranMBachelor2 yearsLandholder’s childCroup, 7 daysNNMary Curran, sister, PADLink
10/05/1885BalrobuckbegJames McTighMMarried66 yearsCarpenterSevere cold, 3 monthsNNJohn McTigh, son, PADLink
25/02/1886BalrobuckbegThomas DevillyMWidower94 yearsLandholderSenile decay, 6 monthsNNDominick Sweeney, PADLink
22/03/1886BalrobuckbegJohn CoenMMarried81 yearsLandholderSenile decay, 5 weeksNNEllen Coen, daughter, PADLink
15/12/1886BalrobuckbegInfant FordeMBachelorFew minutesLandholder’s infantDebility from birthNNMary Forde, PADLink
20/01/1887BalrobuckbegMary FordeFSpinster20 yearsLandholder’s daughterGeneral debility from birthNNMargaret Forde, mother, PADLink
10/07/1887BalrobuckbegMartin BurkeMMarried65 yearsLandholderGeneral debility, 6 monthsNNHonor Burke, wife, PADLink
20/07/1887BalrobuckbegDarby FordeMMarried69 yearsLandholderGeneral debility, 12 monthsNNThomas Forde, son, PADLink
13/10/1887BalrobuckbegJohn BurkeMWidower60 yearsLandholderDropsy, 12 monthsNNBridget Burke, daughter, PADLink
19/01/1888BalrobuckbegMary BurkeFSpinster12 yearsLandholder’s childTonsilitis, 6 daysNNThoasm Burke, father, PADLink
27/02/1888BalrobuckbegGeorge TyrrellMMarried61 yearsLandholderDebility, 12 monthsNNMartin Tyrell, son, PADLink
19/04/1888BalrobuckbegInfant BurkeFSpinsterFew minutesLandholder’s infantDebility from birthNNThomas Burke, father, PADLink
12/07/1888BalrobuckbegMary FordeFWidow62 yearsLandholderGeneral debility, 6 weeksYMary Creaven, cousin, PADLink
30/03/1889BalrobuckbegMary MurphyFWidow85 yearsLandholder’s widowGeneral debility, 10 daysNNEdmond Dooley, son-in-law, PADLink
22/05/1889BalrobuckbegDominick SweeneyMMarried67 yearsLandholderGeneral debility, 2 monthsNNMargaret Sweeney, daughter, PADLink
01/07/1889BalrobuckbegBridget DoolyFWidow71 yearsLandholder’s widowGeneral debility, 2 monthsNNMartin Tyrrell, grandson, PADLink
22/07/1891BalrobuckbegThomas BurkeMMarried55 yearsLabourerCancer of stomach, 2 yearsNNKate Burke, daughter, PADLink
21/10/1891BalrobuckbegMary CoenFWidow86 yearsLandholderSenile decay, 14 daysNNEllen Cavanagh, daughter, PADLink
13/10/1891BalrobuckbegEdward DooleyMMarried61 yearsArmy pensionerInguinal hernia, 18 years, ascites, 4 monthsYAnne Dooley, wife, PADLink
10/02/1892BalrobuckbegPat CanavanMBachelor10 monthsLandholder’s childConvulsions, 14 daysNNBridget Canavan, mother, PADLink
09/02/1892BalrobuckbegJulia SweeneyFWidow65 yearsLandholder’s widowSyncope, 4 hoursNNJohn Sweeney, son, PADLink
06/12/1892BalrobuckbegMargaret SweeneyFSpinster37 yearsLandholder’s daughterAnasarca, 12 monthsNNBryan Sweeney, PADLink
24/03/1893BalrobuckbegHonor TyrrellFWidow53 yearsLandholder’s widowChronic bronchitis, 12 monthsNNEllen McHugh, PADLink
05/09/1893BalrobuckbegPeter CurranMBachelor22 yearsLandholder’s sonPhthisis, 3 yearsNNMary Curran, PADLink
15/02/1894BalrobuckbegInfant SweeneyFSpinsterFew minutesLandholder’s infantDebility from birthNNJohn Sweeney, father, PADLink
16/02/1894BalrobuckbegMartin BurkeMMarried86 yearsLandholderGeneral debility, 2 yearsNNJohn Sweeney, PADLink
26/02/1894BalrobuckbegBridget BurkeFWidow70 yearsLandholderGeneral debility, 6 monthsNNJames Goaly, PAD, BalrobuckmoreLink
01/03/1894BalrobuckbegPat HessionMMarried67 yearsLandholderGeneral paralysis, 3 yearsNNJames Goaly, PAD, BalrobuckmoreLink
09/05/1894BalrobuckbegWilliam BurkeMMarried71 yearsLabourerGeneral debility, 6 weeksNNHenry Burke, son, PADLink
26/06/1894BalrobuckbegJohn SweeneyMMarried32 yearsLandholderAcute phthisis, 7 monthsNNThomas Goally, PAD, BalrobuckmoreLink
08/04/1895BalrobuckbegPatrick MonaghanMBachelor32 yearsLabourerPneumonia, 8 daysYWinifred Lenihan, PADLink
29/09/1895BalrobuckbegHonor BurkeFWidow76 yearsLandholder’s widowGeneral debility, 12 monthsNNTimothy Hanly, PAD, BalrobuckbegLink
06/03/1896BalrobuckbegEllen McTighFWidow89 yearsLandholder’s widowGeneral debility, 1 weekNNThomas McTigh, PAD, BunnatubberLink
20/10/1896BalrobuckbegMartin GibbonsMMarried70 yearsLandholderNephritis, 4 weeksNNMargaret Gibbons, PADLink
18/08/1899BalrobuckbegSabina BurkeFWidow60 yearsWidow of landholderGeneral debility, 12 monthsNNHenry Burke, son, PADLink
15/12/1899BalrobuckbegJulia CavanaghFMarried62 yearsLandholder’s wifeGeneral dability, 1 yearNNMichael Cavanagh, son, PADLink
Deaths in Balrobuckbeg, 1871-1901

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following 78 individuals living in 17 households in Balrobuck Beg.

  1. John Devilly (79), a widower [died 1906?] [wife Mary née Lynch], lived with his son, Thomas (32) and daughter-in-law, Mary (28) [possibly née Flaherty, Balrobuckmore]. [Note: Thomas and Mary Devilly are listed in the 1911 census in Balrobuck More, house 17.  This is probably an error because they appear in the Valuation Office Cancellation Books as having a House, Office and Lands in Balrobuck Beg.]
  2. Stephen Forde (46) lived with his wife, Winifrid (46) [née Bohan, Ballinvoher], sons, John (18), Tatt (16), Thomas (9) and daughter, Bridget (20).
  3. William Curran (75) lived with his wife, Mary (60) [née Killilea], sons, John (23), William (21) and daughter, Mary (25).
  4. Mary Curran (68) [née Boyle, widow of Michael Curran, noted as 2nd cousins in Marriage Record], lived with sons, Mathew (43), John (42) and daughter, Catherine (23).
  5. Margaret Hessian (60) [née Flaherty, widow of Patrick Hessian], lived with her daughter, Margaret Moylan (32), son-in-law, Patrick Moylan (40) [Cloonleenaun], grandson, Patrick (1) and granddaughter, Mary (2) Moylan.
  6. Mary Sweeney (35),  [née Cahill, Tonemace; widow of John Sweeney who died 1894], lived with son James (6), daughter, Julia (7) and brother-in-law, Bernard Sweeney (32), unmarried.
  7. Patrick Burke (80) lived with his wife, Mary (76) [née Costello], son, John (43), daughter-in-law, Winnie (38) [née Burke], grandsons, Patrick (10), John (8), Michael (1), granddaughters, Mary (20), Delia (18), Katie (17), Maggie (15) and Norah (13).
  8. Michael Kavanagh (65), married, lived with son, Michael (27), daughter-in-law, Margaret (26) [née Lardner, Gortroe] and grandson, James (1).
  9. Bridget Forde (45), married [husband, Thomas Forde, 2nd Cousins], lived with sons, Michael (18), John (12), daughters, Mary (20) and Celia (10).
  10. John Hanly (25) lived with his wife, Kate (23) [née Burke, Balrobuckbeg] and son, Patrick (2).
  11. Timothy [Thady] Hanly (63) [a Tailor] lived with his wife, Margaret (60), [Duggan, Lackagh Parish], sons, Michael (22), Timothy (18) and daughter, Ellen (18).
  12. Mark Devaney (76) lived with his wife, Mary (66) [née Cunningham], son, Michael (25) and daughter, Norah (22).
  13. Nancy [Anne] Dooley (60) [née Murphy, Balrobuckbeg; widow of Edmund Dooley, Balrobuckbeg], lived with sons, James (24), Michael (17) and daughter, Maggie (20).
  14. Martin Tyrrell (33) lived with his wife, Mary (32) [née Mulroyan, Adregoole], sons, James (5) and Patrick (2).
  15. John Mc Teigue (55), a widower [wife Bridget Curran], lived with daughters, Bridget (6), Mary (5) and sister, Ellen Mc Teigue (40), a widow.
  16. Kate Burke (45) [née Kavanagh, Cuttenty; widow of Thomas Burke], lived with sons, Patrick (14) and Michael (10).
  17. William Kavanagh (60) [a Carpenter from Balrobuckmore] lived with his wife, Ellen (58) [nee Coyne (Cowen), Balrobuckbeg] and daughter, Margaret (19).

There were twelve second class houses and five third class houses listed in the 1901 census returns.  All houses had roofs made of thatch, wood or other perishable material and all had walls of stone, brick or concrete.  Twelve houses had 3 windows on the front, three had 2 windows and two had 1 windows. 

1911 Census

There were still 17 households with a total of 83 individuals in Balrobuck Beg recorded in the 1911 Census of Ireland.

  1. Margaret Hessian (80) [house 5 in 1901] [née Flaherty, widow of Patrick Hessian], lived with her daughter, Margaret Moylan (50), son-in-law, Pat Moylan (57) [Cloonlinane], grandson, Patrick (11) and granddaughters, Mary (12) and Ellen (9) Moylan. 
  2. Nancy Dooly (74) [house 13 in 1901] [née Murphy, Balrobuckbeg; widow of Edmund Dooley, Balrobuckbeg] lived with her son, Michael (28) and her daughter, Margaret (30).
  3. Michael Kavanagh (38) [house 8 in 1901] lived with his wife Margaret (36) [née Lardner, Gortroe], sons, James (10), Peter (new born), daughters, Julia (6) and Delia (2).
  4. John Hanly (35) [house 10 in 1901] lived with his wife Kate (33) [née Burke, Balrobuckbeg], sons, Pat (12), John (10), Thos (8), Michael (2), daughters, Mary (7) and Margaret (5).
  5. Kate Burke (65) [née Kavanagh, Cuttenty; widow of Thomas Burke] [house 16 in 1901] lived with sons, Patt (25) and Michael (21).
  6. John Mctighe (65) a widower [wife Bridget Curran], [house 15 in 1901] lived with daughters, Mary (18), Bridget (17) and sister, Ellen (69), a widow.
  7. Martin Tyrrell (46) [house 14 in 1901] lived with his wife, Mary (44) [née Mulroyan, Adregoole], sons, James (15), Patrick (12), George (6), Thomas (new born) and daughter, Mary (8).
  8. Mary Sweeney (47) [house 6 in 1901] [née Cahill, Tonemace; widow of John Sweeney who died 1894] lived with son, Jas (16), daughter (Julia (17) and brother-in-law, Brian Sweeney (46), unmarried.
  9. Mary Curran (82) [house 4 in 1901] [née Boyle, widow of Michael Curran, noted as 2nd cousins in Marriage Record] lived with sons, Mat (54), John (50) and daughter, Catherine (34).
  10. Thady Hanley (73) [house 11 in 1901], now a widower, lived with his sons, Michael (31), Thady (29) and daughter, Ellen (33).
  11. William Hanrahan (50) [possibly house 1 in 1901] lived with his wife, Margaret (40).
  12. John Burke (55) [house 7 in 1901] lived with his wife, Winnifred (54) [née Burke], sons, Patrick (21), John (18), Michael (11), daughters, Maggie (25), Norah (23), Mary Cunningham (33) [wife of Andrew Cunningham, Bunnatubber], grandson, Michael Cunningham (4), granddaughters, Delia (6), Mary (3) and Winnifred (1).
  13. Stephen Forde (58) [house 2 in 1901] lived with his wife, Winniefred (57) [née Bohan, Ballinvoher, Caherlistrane], sons, John (30), Pat (27) and Thomas (18).
  14. Mary Devaney (77) [house 12 in 1901], now a widow, lived with son, Michael (38) and daughter, Nora (30).
  15. Thomas Forde (64) [house 9 in 1901] lived with his wife, Bridget (60) [née Forde, second cousins], son, John (23) and daughter, Celia (20).
  16. William Curran (88) [house 3 in 1901] lived with his wife, Mary (72) [née Killilea], son, John (40) and daughter-in-law, Nonnie (30).
  17. William Cavanagh (72) [house 17 in 1901] [a carpenter from Balrobuckmore] lived with his wife, Ellen (70) [nee Coyne (Cowen), Balrobuckbeg], daughter, Mary Cavanagh (32) and grandson, John Cavanagh (7).

There were twelve second class houses and five third class houses listed in the 1911 census returns.  All houses had roofs made of thatch, wood or other perishable material and all had walls of stone, brick or concrete.  Two houses had 4 windows on the front (Mary Curran & Wm. Curran), eleven had 3 windows and four had 2 windows. There were 13 stables, 17 cow houses, 16 piggeries, 12 barns, 5 turf houses and 12 cart houses.

Balrobuck Beg / Baile Roboc Beag

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