Corrandulla / Cor an Dola

Compiled by Paddy & Bridie Scully


Irish name: Cor an Dola

Irish pronunciation:

English name: Corrandulla

English pronunciation:

Meaning: the round hill (if cor is from corr here), or stone wall (if from cora), of the loop, noose

Area: 384 acres, 0 roods and 16 perches

Field Names: None yet recorded

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Other names:  Currandulla, Corra an Dolla, Corrandulla (B.S. Sketch map), Currandulla (Barony Map), Currandulla (County Map), Coronadully (High Constable, 1838), Currandulla (Local), Corrandulla (Rector of Annaghdown).

Description: Mark  Lynch Galway  Esq., Proprietor. All under tillage except a portion in South [unable to read], subject to Winter floods,[unable to read] Small portion of Rocky Pasture in North side. The road from Galway to Headford  passes this townland on which is a Post Office.

Situation: It is  situated near the N W end of the parish Bounded on the North by Ballrubbuck, More. East by Carrowbeg N. South by Castlecreevan and Mace and West by Shanbally.

Population Statistics

1841: 20 houses, 128 people (62 male, 66 female).

1851: 19 houses (incl. 1 unoccupied), 73 people (39 male, 34 female).

1861: 18 houses, 69  people (29 male, 40 female).

1871: 17 houses, 60 people (23 male, 37 female).

1881: 13 houses (incl. 1 unoccupied), 41 people (17 male, 24 female).

1891: 10 houses, 40 people (18 male,22 female).

1901: 10 houses, 37 people (20 male, 17 female).

1911: 8 houses, 41 people (22 male, 19 female).

2011: 47 houses (incl. 5 vacant), 166 people (80 male, 66 female).

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

Entries for Corrindolla in the Tithe Applotment Book for Annaghdown Parish

The Tithe Applotment Books record the following names in Corindulla in 1824: Wm Young, Wm Murray, John Boyle, Martin Lenaghan, Henry Thomas, Martin Flaherty, Pat Duddy, Wm Duddy and Mr Geo Commins.

Corrandulla House Books 1853

The 1853 Valuation House Book for Corrandulla records Mary Commons, Cecilia Casey, Patt Boyle, Catherine Commons, Honoria Brien, Catharine Brien, Michael Lenihan, John Lenihan, John Kelly, John Ford, John Flaherty, and George Commons as occupying houses.

Griffiths Valuation 1855

Corrandulla entries in Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation records  the following names as holding property in Corrandulla in 1855: Mary Commons,Catherine Commins, and John Ford each held a house office and land; John Lenehan, Michael Lenehan, John Flaherty and George Commins each held a house and land; Celia Casey and Patrick Boyle each held a house and gardens; Rev Thomas Kearney and Matthew Commins each held land only. while Thomas Skahill, Edward Skahill, Malachy Hargadan and Patrick Silk held bog only.

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following 10 households, and a further unoccupied house, in Corrandulla.

  1. George Cummins (70), farmer, Mary King [née Forde] (24) niece, cook domestic servant, Thomas King (1) grand nephew, and Thomas King (28), farm servant.
  2. Mary Scully [née Connor] (73), widow, cottier, and her son Martin (32) agriculture servant.
  3. Patrick Silk (70), shoemaker, and his wife Mary (55).
  4. Patrick Leonard (56), cottier, his wife Julia [née Phillips] (40), sons Patrick (16), agriculture labourer, John (12) and daughter Mary (9).
  5. Anne Killelea [née Hughes] (52) widow, cottier, and daughter Mary (16) general servant..
  6. John Forde (45), farmer, his wife Ellen [née Killilea] (63) sons Patrick (21), Michael (19), John (13), Thomas (7) Danial (5) Martin (3) daughters Mary (23) Honor (16) and Bridget (9).
  7. John King (30), shopkeeper.
  8. John Ward (70), shepherd, his wife Margaret (60) sons Patrick (22), John (18) and daughter Mary (20).
  9. Patrick Cunningham (71), farmer, his wife Bridget [née Lynch] (63) and Mary Noone (15) niece.
  10. Margaret Hanify (41), national teacher, lodget and boarder; and Mary Regan, national teacher, lodger and boarder, born in County Mayo.
  11. Unoccupied.

All of the houses had stone walls with  thatched roofs. Five were second class having three front windows. Three were third class with having front windows, and one was fourth class having no front window. Eight had two rooms with one having one room. Six of the holdings had piggery, four a cow house, four a fowl house, three a barn, three a cart house and two had a stable.

1911 Census

 The 1911 Census of Ireland records  the following 8 households,  plus a further unoccupied house, in Corrandulla.

  1. Timothy Newell (33), blacksmith, his wife Mary [née Forde] (32) and son Mark (3).
  2. Julia Leonard [née Phillips] (58), widow, cottier; sons Patrick (26) John (21), agriculture labourers, and daughter Mary (18), nurse, demestic servant.
  3. Ann Killelea [née Hughes] (66), widow, and daughter Mary (24), both seamstresses.
  4. John Forde (64), farmer, wife Ellen [née Killilea] (57), sons Patt (31), Thomas (17), Dan (15), Martin (12) and daughter Bridget (19).
  5. Nora King (29), single, shopkeeper, and Helen Murphy (23) boarder, national teacher, born in America.
  6. Margaret Ward (73), widow, sons Pat (30), John (27), shepherds, daughter Mary (28) and Lawrence Trayers (12) nephew.
  7. Patrick Lynch (43), farmer, his wife Mary [née Noone] (26), sons Martin (5), James (4), Thomas (1), Patrick (8 months), and aunt Bridget Cunningham (73), seamstress.
  8. Thomas King (40), farmer,  his wife Mary [née Forde] (37), daughters Maggie (11), Mary (9), Kattie (7) Norah (6) Delia (2) sons Thomas (10), John (8), Michael (4) and George (7 months).
  9. Unoccupied.

All houses had stone walls, with eight having thatch and one having a slate, iron or tile roof.  Five of the houses were second class, four were third class with two having four windows, two having three, four having two and one having five. Seven had two rooms, one had three and one had one room. Seven households had a piggery, six a fowl house, four a cow house, three a barn and two a shed.

Corrandulla / Cor an Dola

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