Gortroe / An Gort Rua

Compiled by Br Conal Thomas


Irish name: An Gort Rua

English name: Gortroe

Meaning: gort (also: gart), field, rua (also: ruadh), red; red place

Area: 312 acres, 3 roods and 4 perches

Field Names: None yet recorded.

Other Landmarks: None yet recorded.

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Other names: Gortroe, Gurtroe (B. S. Sketch Map), Gurtroe (Barony Map), Gortrow (Captain John Butler, Winterfield), Gortrosey (County Book), Gortrosy (County Book), Gurtroe (County Map), Gortroe (High Constable 1838), Gortroe (Local), Gortroe (Rector of Annaghdown).

Description: Proprietor John Butler, Esq. All under tillage. Boundary, a bye road forms it.

Situation: It is situated ¼ mile W. of Annaghdown Church [of Ireland]. Bounded North by Tumnahulla and Bolesheen. South by Mullaghadrum and South East by Caherlea and West by Carrowbeg N. and South.

Population Statistics

1841: 20 houses, 123 people (56 male, 67 female)

1851: 22 houses (2 vacant), 141 people (63 male,78 female)

1861: 21 houses, 127 people (62 male, 65 female)

1871: 20 houses, 113 people (49 male, 64 female)

1881: 18 houses, 111 people (44 male, 67 female)

1891: 19 houses. (2 vacant), 86 people (34 male, 52 female)

1901: 19 houses (2 vacant), 52 people (25 male, 37 female)

1911: 17 houses, 59 people (31 male, 28 female)

2011: 74 houses (9 vacant), 184 people (97 male, 87 female)

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

The first lessor was Thomas Butler, Esq.:71 acres was held in common by tenants of Castlecreevey. 

The second lessor was James Skerritt, Esq.: Mr. John Kavanagh held 19 acres, Francis Brennan held 2 roods, David Fahy held 2 roods, Francis Neil held 17 acres, William Costelloe held 6 acres 2 roods.

The third lessor was Francis Blake Esq.: Mr. John Kavanagh held 10 acres, Redmond Hynes & partners held 4 acres, William Costelloe held 2 roods, B. Fahy & Linnane held 2 roods, J. Kilkelly & T. Cloe held 2 acres 1 rood, Pat Burke held 2 acres, Widow Skerritt held 16 acres.

1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation of tenements shows that the lessors of Gortoe were John Butler and Francis Blake. There were 16 houses on the townland plus 1 schoolhouse.

  1. Mary Culkeen, house and land
  2. Michael Connor, house and garden
  3. John Butler, land
  4. James Morris, land
  5. John Wynn, land
  6. Thomas Lynch, land
  7. William Hessian, land
  8. Jeremiah Fahy, land
  9. National School House
  10. Jeremiah Fahy, land
  11. Owen Skahill, land
  12. Patk. Skahill, land
  13. Daniel Connor, house and land
  14. Superior of Monastery, house, offices and land
  15. William Kavanagh, house, office and land
  16. Bridget Neill, house, office and land
  17. Owen Mullavill, garden
  18. Patrick Wade, land
  19. Jeremiah Fahy, house, office and land
  20. Edmond Clowe, land
  21. Owen Mullavill, land
  22. John Stanton, house and land
  23. Johanna Small, house, office and land
  24. Bryan Neill, land
  25. John Kilkelly, house and land
  26. Patrick Fahy, house, office and land
  27. Francis Blake, land
  28. John Burke, house, office and land
  29. Patrick Lardner, house, office and land
  30. Michael Kelly, house and land
  31. Thomas Leonard, house and land
  32. John Kavanagh, house, office and land
  33. John Burke, land
  34. Patrick Lardner, land

1871-1901 Deaths

DateTownlandNameSexConditionAgeOccupationCauseMedical AttendantCertifiedRegistered byLink
25/01/1872GortroeHonor FahyFSpinster12 yearsLabourer’s daughterPhthisis pulmonalis, one yearYCelia Fahy, PADLink
04/09/1872GortroePatrick LarnerMMarried74 yearsFarmerCystitis & Pyemia, one weekYThomas Larner, occupierLink
15/04/1873CrossroadsMary GlynnFWidow70 yearsPauperBronchitis, a long timeYJulia Glynn, occupierLink
09/08/1873GortroeJohn BurkeMMarried65 yearsSmall farmerHepatitis, some timeYJames Burke, PADLink
09/08/1873GortroeJohn BurkeMMarried60 yearsFarmerChronic hepatitis, long timeYP Burke, PADLink
18/05/1874GortroeMary ConnorFMarried60 yearsLabourerParalysis, a long timeYDaniel Connor, occupierLink
08/11/1874GortroeMary CunninghamFMarried40 yearsLabourerCirrhosis of the liver & ascites, a long timeYWilliam Cunningham, occupierLink
18/09/1875GortroeJohn KilkellyMWidower77 yearsLabourerBronchitis with great debility, some timeYEllen Walsh, PADLink
04/02/1877GortroeJulia SmallFWidow80 yearsPeasantOld age & exhaustion, 2 weeksYJohn Kennedy, occupierLink
28/08/1878GortroeJohn CahillMBachelor11 monthsFarmer’s childPertussis, one monthNNJohn Cahill, occupierLink
10/11/1878GortroeMary KellyFSpinster70 yearsPauperCerebral paralysis, 2 monthsYEllen Kelly, occupierLink
23/11/1878GortroeCisely FahyFWidow70 yearsPeasantWeakness & exhaustion, 3 monthsNNPatrick Fahy, occupierLink
03/03/1879GortroeMary KulkeenFWidow70 yearsNoneBronchitis, a long timeYBridget Burke, occupierLink
01/03/1879GortroeEllen BurkeFSpinster58 yearsBeggarSufffocative bronchitis, some timeNNMary Kelly, PADLink
26/03/1879GortroePatrick FahyMMarried49 yearsPeasantAcute bronchitis, one weekYGilbert Scully, PAD, CurrandullaLink
07/05/1880GortroeThomas StauntonMBachelor19 yearsPeasantPhthisis, 9 monthsYJohn Staunton, occupierLink
06/01/1882GortroeAnne FahyFMarried84 yearsNoneCough & weakness, 3 daysNNBridget Fahy, PADLink
06/02/1882GortroeMary LarnerFWidow82 yearsPeasantOld age & debility, 4 daysNNThomas Larner, son, occupierLink
20/10/1882GortroeBridget NealeFSpinster24 yearsPeasantHypertrophy of the heart, 9 monthsYThomas Mulryan, step-father and occupierLink
27/10/1882GrangeJohn DooleyMMarried91 yearsTailorWeakness from old age, 2 weeksNNKate Dooley, daughter, PADLink
15/02/1883GortroeMary MullavelleFWidow73 yearsNoneWeakness and cough, 2 monthsNNAnne Staunton, PAD, MullaghadrumLink
07/03/1884GortroeJohn StauntonMMarried66 yearsLabourerDisease of the liver and ascites, fifteen monthsPatrick Staunton, brother, PAD, X Roads, DrumbauneLink
27/10/1885GortroePatrick FahyMWidower82 yearsLabourerWeakness of the heart, one yearNNMary Fahy, daughter, PADLink
26/08/1886GortroeBridget FahyFWidow72 yearsPeasantGravel, one monthNNWilliam Cunningham, occupierLink
14/02/1887GortroeMary ConnorFSpinster70 yearsBeggarWeakness and exhaustion, one weekYHonor Murphy, PADLink
18/02/1889GortroeBridget KennedyFSpinster14 yearsNoneDisease of the brain with suppuration of the brain, 2 monthsYJohn Kennedy, father and occupierLink
23/03/1891GortroeJohn WalshMBachelor18 yearsLabourerConsumption, 3 monthsNNEllen Walsh, mother, PADLink
29/05/1891GortroeWilliam MurphyMMarried100 yearsLabourerCardiac failure from great debility, 2 monthsYMary Murphy, widow of deceased, occupierLink
13/01/1892GortroeCatherine KellyFWidow80 yearsPeasantGeneral rheumatism, 3 monthsNNMargaret Kelly, daughter-in-law, PADLink
24/07/1892GortroePeter LardnerMBachelor15 yearsPeasantChronic pneumonia after influenza, 6 monthsNNHonor Lardner, sister, PADLink
26/02/1893GortroeWilliam HynesMBachelor26 yearsLabourerPhthisis pulmonalis, 1 yearNNWinifred Lawless, sister, PADLink
10/07/1894GortroeJohn KennedyMBachelor24 yearsSon of farmerPhthisis and asthenia, 8 monthsYJohn Kennedy, father, PADLink
06/08/1894GortroePatrick NoonMBachelor13 monthsSon of horse dealerConvulsions, 12 hoursNNThomas Noon, father, PAD, Westport, Co. MayoLink
16/09/1896GortroeMichael FahyMMarried79 yearsHouseholderComplaining of weakness of heart, 4 daysNNPat Fahy, son, PADLink
01/01/1897GortroePatrick MulroyanMMarried62 yearsHouseholderChronic Bright’s disease, 12 monthsYMartin Mulroyan, son, PADLink
18/04/1897GortroeWilliam LawlessMMarried54 yearsLandholderAcute bronchitis, 12 daysYWinifred Lawless, daughter, PADLink
07/11/1897GorthroeEllen WalshFMarried40 yearsWife of landholderBright’s disease, 2 yearsYMary Walsh, daughter, PADLink
17/08/1901GortroeJohn WalshMWidower69 yearsLabourerDebility, 12 monthsNNMary Walsh, daughter, PADLink
Gortroe Deaths, 1871-1901

1901 Census

There were 17 households in Gortroe in 1901.

  1. Honor Cunningham (64) was the sole resident.
  2. William Hession (62) lived with his wife Honoria (56).
  3. Rev. John O’Dea (36) lived with a servant Mary Graham (54).
  4. Patrick Fahy (30) lived with his sister Kate (22).
  5. Mary Mulroyan (70) lived with her son Martin (29), daughter Ellen (22) and granddaughter Bridget Kelly (8).
  6. Bridget Fahey (62) lived with her son Darby (26).
  7. Patrick Lavelle (60) lived with his wife Honor (60), daughter Maggie (17), sister Ellen (52) and boarder Honor Hughes (60).
  8. Mary Stanton (70) lived with her sons Patrick (28) and Walter (26).
  9. John Kennedy (66) lived with his wife Bridget (64) and his daughter Julia (24).
  10. John Walsh (?) lived with sons Patrick (23) and Martin (16), daughters Mary (18) and Bridget (14).
  11. Catherine Lawless (65) lived with her daughter Winifred (23) and son Michael (21).
  12. Honor Murphy (66) was the sole resident.
  13. Honor Burke (65) lived with her son John (32) and daughters Honor (30) and Mary (26).
  14. Thomas Lardiner (54) lived with his wife Winifred (52), daughters Bridget (24) and Nora (20), sons Patrick (23) and Thomas (19).
  15. Michael Kelly (60) lived with his wife Margaret (63), son Martin (28), daughter-in-law Bridget (22) and grand daughter Kate (6 months).
  16. Daniel Healy (40) lived with his wife Anne (40), sons John (6) and James (4) and daughter Mary (2).
  17. Thomas Cahill (60) lived with his wife Bridget (38), sons Patrick (16), John (13) and Thomas (9), daughters Mary (11), Bridget (7) and Norah (4) and sister-in-law Margaret Collings (29).

Two other houses are vacant.

Twelve houses were of the second class and five were of the third class. All 17 houses were built of stone, all thatched roofs. One had one room only; all others had between two and four rooms each. One house had one window at the front of the house, four had two windows, eleven had three windows and one had four windows.

9 had a stable, 7 had a cow house. Rev. John O’Dea had a shed and calf house, 13 had a piggery, 9 had a fowl house, 8 had a barn and 8 had a cart house.

Residents in Houses 1, 3 and possibly others do not appear in 1911 census.

1911 Census

  1. Bridget Cahill (50) lived with her three sons, Patrick (25), Thomas (18) and John (23) and three daughters Mary (20), Bridget (17) and Norie (14).
  2. John Burke (60) lived with his two sisters Honor (62) and Mary (55).
  3. Michael Kelly (71) lived with his son Martin (40), daughter-in-law Bridget (38), granddaughters Kate (10) and Delia (8) and grandson Michael (3).
  4. Darby Fahy (35) lived with his sister Kate Dellaney (33).
  5. Martin Moran (45) was the sole resident.
  6. William Hession (72) lived with his wife Hanoria (68).
  7. Mary Stanton (77) lived with her son Walter (39).
  8. Honor Murphy (80) was the sole resident.
  9. Bridget Kennedy (77) lived with her son-in-law Hubert Melia (41), daughter Julia (39) and grandsons Michael (7) and John (5).
  10. Edward Burke (38) lived with his wife Celia (38) and sons Patrick (5), Luke (3) and John (8 months).
  11. Patrick Fahey (40) was the sole resident.
  12. Margaret Carroll (56) lived with a visitor Mary Cahil (44).
  13. Patrick Walsh Kelly (30) lived with his brother Martin (25) and sister Bridget (22).
  14. Winnie Lardner (69) lived with her sons Patrick (36) and Thomas (31) and daughter Norah (32).
  15. Honor Lavelle (73) lived with her sister Ellen (71), daughter Maggie (33) and a lodger Honor Hughes (75).
  16. Thomas Burke (40) lived with his wife Winnifred (38), brother Michael Lauless (30) and sons Thomas (7) and Michael (1).
  17. Danniel Healy (54) lived with his wife Ann (52), sons John (16), James (14) and Malachy (9) and daughter Mary (11).

There were eleven second class houses and six third class houses. All the walls were of stone. One was slated and 16 were thatched. Three had four windows at the front, eight had three windows, five had two windows and one had one window.

New residents not listed in 1901 census include Houses No. 10, 11, and 12.

Outhouses eleven stables, thirteen cow houses, thirteen piggeries, four fowl houses, ten barns,two turf houses, five cart houses, one potato house (Edward Burke), one calf house (Winnie Lardner), one dairy (Bridget Cahill).

Gortroe / An Gort Rua

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