Tonagarraun / Tóin an Gharráin

Compiled by Mary Newell

Irish name: Tóin an Gharráin

English name: Tonagarraun

Meaning: the bottomland of the grove

Area: 546 acres, 0 roods and 24 perches

Field Names: Páirc Mhór

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Other names:

Description: It is the property of Captain Butler. There is a neat house of two stories the residence of Captain Butler situate in the Eastern part of this townland. There is also a large village in the central part of it. At the W. side of the above village there is a Holy Well called Tober Macdouagh, also a Trigl. Station, near its N. boundary, ¾ of it tillage and the remainder bog. 

Situation: It is situated 1½ miles S. of Annaghdown Church. Bounded North by Carrowbeg South. East by Drumgriffin. South by parish boundary and W. by Park.

Archaeological Information

The below archaeological sites appear in ‘Archaeological Inventory of County Galway Vol. II – North Galway’; compiled by Olive Alcock, Kathy de hÓra and Paul Gosling (Dublin: Stationery Office, 1999).

Holy Well. Indicated ‘Tobermacduagh’. On a slight rise. Oval-shaped spring well (NE –SW 2.5m, NW –SE 1.5m) revetted by drystone –walling and entered via a pathway from E.

Population Statistics

1841: 59 houses, 318 people (147 males, 171 female)

1851: 39 houses (2 uninhabited), 213 people (101 male, 112 female)

1861: 32 houses, 163 people (84  male, 79 female)

1871: 31 houses, 167 people (74 male, 93 female)

1881: 27 houses, 177 people (74 male, 103 female)

1891: 25 houses, 156 people (84 male, 72 female)

1901: 23 houses, 121 people (58 male, 63 female)

1911: 23 houses, 97 people (47 male, 50 female)

2011: 75 houses (11 vacant), 201 people (105 male, 96 female)

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

The Tithe Applotment Books record the following tenants in Tonagarraun: Wm & Pat Silk, Edm Scahill & Partners. All of the foregoing held lands from T Butler Esq including a portion of bog.

Winterfield was listed separately in the Tithe Applotment Books with Thomas Butler Esq holding 7 acres, 3 roods, 0 perches.

1845 Griffith’s House Books & 1855 Griffith’s Valuation

One house was recorded in Griffith’s House Books 1844 belonging to Dr. Charles Donnellan – house and offices. In 1845 this house was reassigned to Capt. John Butler with Dr Charles Donnellan’s name crossed out. This consisted of a dwelling, basement as dwelling, stables, dairy piggery, car house, coach and stables.

Griffith’s Valuation records the following heads of household in Tonagarraun: John Butler, Thomas Lardner, James Qualter, John Kavanagh, Thomas Kavanagh, John Loyden, Patrick Murphy, Peter Quirke, Thomas Dowd, Jane Lardner, Alice Gorrihan, Martin Redington, Mary Loftus, Edmond Burke, Patrick Newell, Patrick Canavan, Michael Redington, Nanny Canavan, John Mulrony, John Lally, Patrick Carroll, Thomas Burke, Michael Gordon, John Lardner, Michael Meghan, Patrick Collins, James Morris, John Morris, Catherine Costello, Patrick Ford, and Alice Feeney. John Butler held House, offices and land in fee, with immediate lessor being John Butler in all other cases. 13 held House, office and land, 17 held House and land only.

Tonagarraun entries in Griffith’s Valuation

1871-1901 Deaths

DateTownlandNameSexConditionAgeOccupationCauseMedical AttendantCertifiedRegistered byLink
10/04/1871TonegurraneKate MorrissFWidow65 yearsPeasantApoplexy, 2 daysNNHonor Neil, PADLink
16/04/1871TonegurraneJohn LydonMMarried66 yearsLandholderValvular disease of the heart, suddenlyNNMargaret Lydon, occupierLink
20/10/1872ThonegurraneThomas NealeMWidower60 yearsHerdKidney disease, one yearYHonor Neale, occupierLink
17/12/1872ThonegurraneMary QualterFSpinster3 yearsChild of a labourerCroup, one dayNNJohn Qualter, occupierLink
16/01/1873ThonegurranePatrick MulrooneyMBachelor1 yearLabourer’s childScarlatina, 4 daysNNJohn Mulrooney, occupierLink
15/01/1873ThonegurraneMargaret CarrollFSpinster1/4 yearPeasant’s childFound dead in the bed, no inquestNPatrick Carroll, occupierLink
28/07/1873TonegurranePatrick CollinsMBachelor2 weeksLabourer’s childConvulsions, 2 daysNNWinifred Collins, PADLink
25/07/1873ThonegurraneMartin BurkeMBachelor9 monthsLabourer’s childConvulsions, one weekNNPatrick Burke, occupierLink
12/03/1874TonegurraneMichael RedingtonMMarried72 yearsWeaverPerpneumonia nothea?, a long timeNNMary Redington, occupierLink
29/04/1874Winterfield HouseAlice ButlerFMarried31 yearsGentlewomanEmbolism the sequel of plegmasia dolens and puerperal fever, suddenlyYMary Devilly, PADLink
10/07/1874TonegurraneJames QualterMMarried81 yearsPeasantOld age and debility, 6 monthsNNJulia Qualter, PADLink
21/08/1874TonegurraneBridget GordonFSpinster6 monthsChild of a labourerCroup, one weekNNMary Gordon, PADLink
09/12/1874TonegurraneMichael GilmoreMMarried43 yearsPeasantSlow continued fever, 7 weeksYKate Gilmore, PADLink
11/12/1874ThonegurraneKate HolloranFSpinster60 yearsNurse TenderExhaustion & debility, 7 daysNNKate Gilmore, occupierLink
04/12/1874ThonegurraneJohn GilmoreMBachelor14 yearsLabourerHepatitis & feverNNKate Gilmore, occupierLink
09/12/1874ThonegurraneHonor GilmoreFSpinster18 yearsLabourerFever, 6 weeksYPaul Newell, PADLink
06/02/1875TonegurraneThomas DowdMMarried60 yearsSmithKidney disease & anasarea, 2 weeksNNMary Dowd, PADLink
03/03/1875TonegurraneFrancis DowdMBachelor10 monthsSmith’s childCroup, one dayNNFrancis Dowd, occupierLink
02/07/1875TonegurraneJulia LarnerFMarried30 yearsPeasantPneumonia running into phthisis pulmonum, 6 weeksYJohn Larner, occupierLink
22/09/1875TonegurraneWinifred BurkeFWidow70 yearsPeasantDebility and gastritis, a long timeYKate Carroll, PADLink
16/09/1875TonegurraneMary MahonFSpinster11 yearsPeasantFever, 12 daysNNMary Mahon, occupierLink
29/01/1877TonegurraneThomas CollinsMBachelor2 1/2 yearsChild of a labourerCroup, 1 weekNNWinifred Collins, PADLink
13/07/1877ThonegurraneJohn LydonMBachelor5 monthsPeasant’s childGravel, 3 weeksNNBiddy Lydon, PADLink
12/12/1877TonegurraneAnne HannonFWidow73 yearsBeggarSuffocative bronchitis, 1 monthNNSally Diveny, occupierLink
19/06/1878ThonegurraneJohn LydonMBachelor1 monthPeasant’s childConvulsions, few daysNNBridget Lydon, PADLink
02/01/1879TonegurraneMichael QualterMBachelor2 yearsPeasant’s childIrritation of the brain, 3 weeksYMary Dowd, PADLink
07/02/1879ThonegurraneJulia HynesFSpinster40 yearsServant’s childHeart disease, a long timeNNMargaret Kavanagh, PADLink
14/03/1879TonegurraneMary MurphyFWidow76 yearsHawkerBronchitis & dilated heartYMargaret Carney, PADLink
26/05/1879TonegurraneJohn LarnerMWidower76 yearsPeasantPain in side & cough, 3 daysNNMargaret Larner, PADLink
10/07/1879TonegurraneJames MulrooneyMBachelor6 monthsLabourer’s childConvulsions, a few daysNNHonor Mulrooney, PADLink
08/04/1880ThonegurraneWilliam MorrissMMarried42 yearsPeasantUlceration of the stomach, 4 yearsYJohn Morriss, occupierLink
03/02/1881TonegurranePatrick NewellMMarried70 yearsTailorCough and weakness, three monthsNNBridget Neil, PADLink
25/02/1881TonegurraneJane LardnerFWidow75 yearsPeasantWeakness and old age, one yearNNEllen Newell, PADLink
10/01/1882TonegurraneBridget RedingtonFMarried80 yearsPeasantSuddenly, one hour, no inquestNMartin Redington, occupierLink
24/06/1882ThonegurraneThomas LardnerMWidower86 yearsLabourerPains in his limbs and weakness, 12 monthsNNPatrick Larner, son and occupierLink
21/07/1882ThonegurraneHonor NealeFSpinster3 yearsLabourer’s childCroup, suddenly, one hourNNFrank Neil, father, occupierLink
16/08/1882TonegurraneJames MulrooneyMBachelor3 monthsLabourer’s childBronchitis, 6 weeksNNMary Mulrooney, sister, PADLink
23/08/1883TonegurraneKate NewellFWidow70 yearsPeasantSmothering and cough, 18 weeksNNBridget Neil, PADLink
28/11/1883TonegurraneHonor NeilFSpinster4 weeksLabourer’s childConvulsions, 4 daysNNThomas Neil, brother, PADLink
31/01/1884TonegurraneSarah DivenyFMarried63 yearsPauperSuffocative catarrh, 2 daysNNThomas Diveny, husband and occupierLink
31/01/1884TonegurraneMargaret LardnerFSpinster7 yearsPeasant’s childMeasles, a few daysNNMargaret Lardner, PADLink
03/06/1884TonegurraneHonor MulrooneyFMarried40 yearsPeasantSevere cold, 3 monthsNNMary Mulrooney, daughterLink
17/09/1884TonegurraneSarah LarnerFSpinster15 monthsPeasant’s childWhooping cough, one monthNNMartin Gordon, PADLink
18/12/1884ToneguraneFrank NealeMBachelor11 yearsLabourerSevere cold and cough, 4 weeksNNFrank Neale, father and occupierLink
03/02/1885TonegurraneMary NeilFSpinster9 yearsPeasant’s childFever, 2 weeksYFrancis Neil, father and occupierLink
13/03/1885TonegurraneHonor CommminsFSpinster70 yearsNoneSuffocatiing of the chest, one dayNNAnne Hynes, occupierLink
01/05/1885TonegurraneJulia QualterFSpinster3 monthsPeasant’s childCroup, 1 weekNNJulia Qualter, mother, PADLink
05/03/1886TonegurranePatrick FeenyMBachelor15 yearsLabourerVomiting, two daysNNWilliam Feeny, father, PAD, LishennoranLink
23/10/1886TonegurraneMary QualterFSpinster3 yearsPeasant’s childCroup, 2 daysNNKate Qualter, mother, PADLink
14/12/1886TonegurraneBridget LardnerFSpinster3 yearsPeasant’s childWhooping cough, 4 weeksNNMargaret Lardner, mother, PADLink
01/05/1887TonegurraneJohn CarrMMarried67 yearsLabourerUlcer of stomach, 2 yearsYThomas Diveny, PADLink
11/08/1887ToneguraneJohn MulroonyMBachelor17 yearsLabourerPhthisis pulmonum, 9 monthsYKate Mulrooney, sister, PADLink
30/10/1887WinterfieldJoseph Stapleton ButlerMMarried63 yearsPhysician and surgeonMitral valve disease of the heart, six yearsYAnnesley Butler, son, PADLink
21/08/1888ThonegurraneThomas MulrooneyMBachelor14 daysNoneViolent tormicaNNMary Daly, PAD, CastlecreevinLink
23/03/1889ToneguraneMichael RedingtonMWidower84 yearsPeasantSwelling of feet and smothering, one monthNNAnne Lardner, granddaughter, PADLink
23/05/1889ThonegurraneMichael GordonMBachelor25 yearsLabourerChronic hip disease, a long timeYMartin Gordon, occupierLink
21/08/1889ToneguraneMary QualterFWidow78 yearsPeasantGravel and anasarca, 6 monthsNNJulai Qualter, daughter-in-law, PADLink
20/01/1891TonegurranePatrick BurkeMMarried50 yearsPeasantCongestion of the lungs, 5 daysNNKate Scully, PAD, ClonbooLink
13/03/1892ToneguraneJohn MulroonyMMarried50 yearsLabourerChronic liver disease, long timeNNBridget Mulroony, daughter, PADLink
20/06/1892TonegurraneMichael QualterMBachelor6 monthsChild of a labourerSmothering up in the chest, 2 weeksNNMaria Qualter, sister, PADLink
08/01/1893TonegurraneThomas LardnerMBachelor28 yearsLabourerPhthisis pulmonalis, 2 yearsNNTimothy Lardner, father and occupierLink
21/03/1893TonegurraneSarah CarrFWidow83 yearsPauperBronchitis and smothering, 4.5 yearsNNThomas Diviney, brother and occupier, TonegurraneLink
01/01/1894TonegurraneMary MaughanFMarried40 yearsPeasantInfluenza, 3 daysNNSarah Davin, PADLink
18/01/1894TonegurraneHonor LardnerFMarried50 yearsPeasantConsumption, 18 monthsNNTimothy Lardner, widower of deceased, PADLink
14/05/1894WinterfieldMary LallyFWidow103 yearsWidow of labourerOld age and debility, cough, 1 monthNNJulia Lavell, niece, MullaghadrumLink
17/08/1895TonnegurraneJohn BurkeMBachelor8 yearsSon of a housekeeperLumps in throat, 2 daysNNJulia Burke, mother, PADLink
07/05/1896TonegurraneHonor CollinsFMarried60 yearsWife of labourerConsumption, 10 yearsNNPat Collins, husband, PADLink
15/09/1897WinterfieldPatrick CollinsMWidower70 yearsLandholderEndocarditis, 6 monthsYFrancis Neill, brother-in-law, PADLink
30/01/1899TonegurraneMartin FahyMWidower67 yearsLandholderChronic bronchitis, 6 monthsNNJohn Fahy, sonLink
25/02/1900TonegurraneMary RedingtonFWidow90 yearsWidow of landholderOld age and debilityNNJohn Fahy, PADLink
25/05/1901TonegurraneMary DavinFSpinster2 yearsDaughter of farmerDebility, 1 yearNNThomas Davin, fatherLink
25/08/1901ToneguraneSarah FaheyFSpinster25 yearsDaughter of farmerPhthisis, 3 yearsYJohn Fahey, brother, PADLink
Deaths in Tonagarraun, 1871-1901

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following 23 households in Tonagarraun.

  1. John Neill (59) farmer, his wife Bridget (35), sons Patrick (20), John (16), daughters Margaret (14) and Kate (11)
  2. Julia Burke (60) farmer, sons Edward (23), Thomas (14), daughters Honor (18), Kate (11) and Julia’s sister in law Honor Burke (61 – not married)
  3. Margaret Morris (60) Farmer, her son James (22) and Hubert Higgins (64 – Mendicant)
  4. Catherine Gilmore (60) farmer, sons Patrick (35) William (26), Michael (24), daughter in law Mary (35), grand daughters Kate (3) and Mary (1)
  5. Thomas Collins (54) farmer, wife Mary (54), son John (15), daughter Mary (19) sister Winifred (40 – General Domestic Servant)
  6. Patrick Lardnier ( 60) farmer, wife Ellen (52), sons Thomas (32) and Patrick (19), daughter Delia (20)
  7. Martin Gordon (70) farmer, wife Mary (66), sons Patrick (40), Martin (20), daughter in law (33), grand daughter Mary (4), grandsons John (2) and Michael (2 months)
  8. Patrick Carroll (70) farmer, wife Winifred (65)
  9. Mary Moghan (67) farmer, daughter Sarah Davin (42), son-in-law Tom Davin (52), grandsons Mark (21), Michael (15), Thomas (8) and Martin (5); grand daughters Ellen (18), Honor (12), Julia (10) and Mary (1)
  10. Bridget Fahey (58) farmer, son John (34), daughters Sarah (25) and Anne (20)
  11. Timothy Lardiner (60) farmer, son Martin (28) daughters Honor (19) and Sarah (17)
  12. Thomas Lydon (55) farmer, daughters Anne (21) and Margaret (19)
  13. Honor Neill (56) farmer
  14. Paul Newell (67) farmer, wife Margret (63), sons Patrick (28) and Malachey (19)
  15. John Qualter (53) farmer, wife Kate (53), sons John (19) and Patrick (13)
  16. Francis Dowd (60) farmer and blacksmith, wife Mary (60), son William (13), daughters Margaret (20), Celia (17), Mary (15) and Honor (10)
  17. Mary Mulrooney (40) farmer, sons Patrick (11) and John (9), daughter Honor (13)
  18. John Canavan (45) farmer, wife Margaret (45), sons Patrick (17), Michael (13), John (11), Andrew (8), Thomas (6) and James (3), daughters Mary (16) and Sarah (9)
  19. James Reddington (60) farmer
  20. Ellen Cavanagh (80) farmer, step son Michael (62), sons William (36) and John (30), grand daughter Bridget Rabbit (16 – General Servant, domestic)
  21. Patrick Qualter (55) farmer, wife Julia (54), James (27), Patrick (14) and Edward (12), daughters Mary (23), Bridget (20), Margaret (17) and Julia (8)
  22. Patrick Lardner (52) farmer, wife Margaret (45), Thomas (17) and Patrick (10), daughters May (15), Katie (13) and Margaret  (8)
  23. Frances A Butler (60) farmer and land proprietress, step son Burton (26 – steward), daughter Frances (20), servants Margaret Collins (20) and Mary Scahill (20)

Of the 23 houses, all had thatched roofs except for Frances Butler’s house which had an iron, slate or steel roof. 7 houses were of the third class, 15 houses were of the second class and 1 was of the first class. Only one page (of 2) is available for out offices and farm steadings. 15 houses are listed in this page. 11 houses had stables, 13 had cow houses, 3 had calf houses, 13 had piggeries, 12 had fowl houses, 8 had barns and 11 had cart houses.

1911 Census

  1. Frances Buttler (76), Lady and servant Mary Dempsey (35)
  2. Pat Qualter (68), farmer, sons James (40) and Pat (28), and daughters Mary (38) and Julia (18)
  3. Norah O’Neill (68), farmer, Son in law Michael Scully (26), Tailor, daughter Mary Scully (35) and grand daughter Mamie (1)
  4. John Canavan (57), farmer, wife Mary Canavan (56), and sons John (24), Thos (22), James (17) and Michael (12)
  5. Mary Mulrooney (58), farmer and sons Patrick (22) and John (20)
  6. Martin Gordon (78), farmer, wife Mary (77), son Pat (49), daughter in law Julia (40), grand daughters Mary (14), Nellie (8), Katie (2), grandsons John (12), Michael (10), Martin (6) and Patrick (4)
  7. Pat Larner (68), farmer, wife Margaret (65), son Patrick (20) and daughter Maggie (18)
  8. Mary Davin (80), farmer, daughter in law Sarah (54), grandsons Michael (23), Thos (17) and Martin (15), grand daughters Nora (21) and Julia (19)
  9. James Reddington (75) farmer
  10. John O’Neill (68), farmer, wife Bridget (41), son John (25) postman, daughters Margret (22) and Katie (19)
  11. Julia Burke (66) farmer, cousin Honor (71) and daughter Katie (19)
  12. Bridget Julia Fahy (73) farmer, and son John (47)
  13. Thomas Lydon (68) farmer, and daughter Margaret (28)
  14. Timothy Larner (73) farmer, son Martin (39), daughter in law Bridget (24), grand daughters Mary (5), Norah (2) and Bridget (1) and grandson Tommie (4)
  15. Margaret Morriss (80) famer and son James (36)
  16. Patt Gilmore (50) famer, wife Mary (50), brother William (45) and daughter Mary (11)
  17. Tom Collins (70) farmer, wife Mary (71), sister Winnie (68), daughter Mary (30) and son John (18)
  18. Patt Carroll (78) farmer, and daughter Winnie (40)
  19. Patrick Newell (37) farmer, wife Norah (33) and son Paul (1)
  20. Francis Dowd (69) blacksmith, wife Mary (66), daughters Celia (26) seamstress, Mary (24) and Nora (21), son Willie (23) blacksmith
  21. John Qualter (69) farmer, wife Katie (70) and son Pat (23)
  22. William Cavanagh (58) farmer, wife Norah (35), brother Michael (74) son John (4) and daughter Mary (3)
  23. Ellen Lardner (73) farmer, sons Thomas (38) and Patrick (28), daughters Delia (26) and Katie (37)

Of the 23 houses, 1 was of the first class, 19 were of the second class and three were of the third class. 1 house had a roof made of tiles, slate or iron, and the remaining houses had thatched roofs. 1 house had 4 rooms, 20 houses had 2 rooms and 2 houses had 3 rooms. 1 house had 8 windows, 7 houses had 4 windows, 12 houses had 3 windows, 2 houses had 2 windows and 1 house had 1 window.  There were 18 stables, 1 coach house, 1 harness room, 23 cow houses, 1 calf house, 20 piggeries, 4 fowl houses, 17 barns, 3 turf house, 1 potato house, 1 forge and 17 carthouses in the townland.

Tonagarraun / Tóin an Gharráin

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