Annagh West / An tEanach Thiar

Compiled by Mary Scully-Burke


Irish name: An tEanach Thiar

English name: Annagh West

Meaning: Eanach means a marsh or wetland. Eanach Thiar means the western marshland.

Area: 169 acres, 1 rood and 5 perches.

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Information recorded for Annagh West appears to be incorrect. See also Annagh East.

Population Statistics

1841: 16 houses, 105 people (51 male, 54 female)

1851: 14 houses, 79 people (35 male, 44 female)

1861: 16 houses, 75 people (40 male, 35 female)

1871: 14 houses, (incl. 2 uninhabited) 64 people (36 male, 28 female)

1881: 11 houses, 48 people (26 male, 22 female)

1891: 11 houses, 42 people (23 male, 19 female)

1901: 10 houses,46 people 25 male,21female)

1911: 9 houses, 52 people (32 male, 20 female)

2011: 20 houses (4 vacant), 48 people (28 male, 20 female)

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

Annagh West entries in the Tithe Applotment Books

The Tithe Applotment Books record John Ford, Michael Duddy & Partners as occupiers in Annagh West, held from Colonel Rochfort.

1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation entries for Annagh West

Griffith’s Valuation (1855) records Margaret Flaherty, Martin Duddy, Michael Ford, Martin Forde, Michael Ford (Pat), William Ford, John Ford, Bridget Silk, and John Burke as occuping a house, office and land; Hugh Flaherty, Bridget Grealy, and Michael Connor as occupying a house and land, all held from Horace Rochfort, while Anne Ford held a house from William Ford.

Sale in Encumbered Estates Court, 1856

The townland of Annagh West was offered for sale by auction at the Encumbered Estates Court on 27 June 1856, alongside the lands of Annaghdown, Cotteenty, and Lisheenanoran, all then in the possession of Horatio William Rochfort. The lands of Annaghdown and Coteenty were held under lease for lives renewable forever bearing date 9 April 1781, whereby James Skerrett demised to John Rochfort all that and those the intermixed acres in Annaghdown, Cotteantagh [Coteenty], for the lives of John Staunton Rochfort, since deceased, Robert Rochfort, since deceased, and Anne Rochfort, now Dowager Lady Blakiston, aged about 93 years, with covenant for perpetual renewal upon payment of a fine of one pepper-corn for every such renewal, at the yearly rent of £39, late currency, equivalent to £36 sterling, payable half-yearly on 1 May and 1 November.

The lands were purchased by Francis Blake of Cregg Castle, for his son Richard, who married Anne Marcella Ryan and established the Annaghdown House branch of the Blake family.

Lot No. 3 consisted of the lands of Annagh West, and the sale catalogue records Hugh Flaherty and Margaret Flaherty, widow; Martin Duddy; Martin Ford and Michael Ford; Michael Ford (Patrick); William Ford; Michael Connor; John Burke and Bridget Greally; Bridget Silk and John Ford as tenants from year to year, with the tenancy determinable on 1 May each year. A portion of bog and lakeshore strand was held in common by the tenants of the townland.

Annagh West listing from the sale of the Rochfort Estate in the Encumbered Estates Court, 1856
Map of Annagh West from the sale of the Rochfort Estate in the Encumbered Estates Court, 1856

1871-1901 Deaths

Note that some deaths are recorded as Annagh without distinguishing between East and West. This represents our best guess as to which of these belong in each townland, but the list should be read in conjunction with that for Annagh East.

DateTownlandNameSexConditionAgeOccupationCauseMedical AttendantCertifiedRegistered byLink
30/12/1874Annagh WestMichael FordeMMarried65 yearsPeasantMalignant disease of stomach, long timeNNPatrick Forde, PADLink
23/07/1876AnnaghBridget BurkeFWidow87 yearsPeasantSuffocative bronchitis, 5 daysNNEdward Burke, occupierLink
20/02/1877AnnaghMary CurrieFMarried60 yearsPeasantDisease of the kidneys, some timeNNThomas Currie, occupierLink
26/02/1877AnnaghBridget DuddyFWidow77 yearsLabourerBronchitis, 2 monthsNNPatrick Mannion, PADLink
13/04/1879AnnaghWinifred MannionFMarried40 yearsLabourerConsumption, 1 yearYWilliam Mannion, occupierLink
09/07/1879AnnaghJulia FordeFWidow90 yearsPeasantOld age and debility, a long timeNNPatrick Forde, PADLink
08/01/1881AnnaghBridget MannionFSpinster15 yearsPeasantPhthisis, one yearNNJulia Lally, PADLink
25/01/1881AnnaghHonor FordeFWidow76 yearsPeasantOld age and debility, a long timeNNJulia Lally, PADLink
20/07/1881AnnaghWilliam MannionMWidower56 yearsLabourerConsumption, 6 monthsNNNed Mannion, PADLink
15/05/1882AnnaghMichael ConnorMWidower67 yearsLabourerSevere cold, one weekNNBridget Burke, PADLink
06/09/1884AnaghJohn BurkeMBachelor65 yearsPeasantSevere cough and smothering, 3 yearsNNNed Burke, brother and occupierLink
30/06/1887AnnaghBridget FordeFMarried26 yearsPeasantCongestion of the kidnes and uremic convulsions, 2 daysYMartin Forde, father-in-law and occupierLink
13/09/1887Annagh WestThomas CurrieMWidower72 yearsPeasantSpasmodic stricture of the urethra, one weekYBridget Greaney, PAD, ShanballyLink
27/02/1889Annagh West or KnockbluffMyles WalshMMarried50 yearsLandholderDrowned accidentalCertificate received from James McDonagh, Coroner for Co. Galway, Inquest held 1st March 1889Link
28/06/1889AnnaghMary FordeFWidow75 yearsPeasantBronchitis, one weekNNThomas Scahill, PADLink
04/03/1891AnnaghMartin FordeMMarried85 yearsPeasantCough and smothering, one monthNNJulia Staunton, daughter, PADLink
19/02/1891AnaghKate FordeFWidow68 yearsPeasantJaundice, 4 monthsNNHonor Forde, daughter-in-law, PADLink
12/02/1892AnaghCelia FordeFSpinster19 monthsPeasant’s childCroup, 3 daysNNMartin Forde, father, PADLink
29/10/1894Annagh WestMary ConnorFWidow80 yearsWidow of labourerComplaining 2 years of dyspepsia and vomitingNNMartin Ford who caused the body to be buriedLink
29/05/1896AnaghMichael FordeMWidower83 yearsHouseholderComplaining of weakness, 6 monthsNNPatt Forde, son, PADLink
08/06/1896AnaghMargaret CavanaghFMarried52 yearsWife of householderComplaining of rheumatism, 12 yearsNNPatrick Cavanagh, husband, PADLink
15/04/1899AnaghJohn FlahertyMBachelor14 daysSon of landholderSmothering, 5 daysNNHonor Flaherty, motherLink

1901 Census of Ireland

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following 10 households in Annagh West.

  1. CURRY (Currey), Thomas, his wife Anne and 3 sons, Augustine, Mark and Michael.
  2. FORDE, Julia, her son Martin, his wife Bridget and their 4 daughters and baby son.
  3. FORDE, Patrick, his wife Honor, their 2 sons and 1 daughter.
  4. MANNION, Martin, his wife Bridget, their 2 sons and 1 daughter.
  5. FLAHERTY, Richard, his wife Honor and their 35 yr. old son Hugh
  6. FORDE, Patrick, a carpenter, his brother Thomas, a farmer, Thomas’ wife Bridget and their 3 sons.
  7. MORRIS, Patrick, his wife Honor and their daughter.
  8. KEANE, Martin and his wife Honor, both 80 yrs. old.
  9. FLAHERTY, Michael, his wife Honor and their son and daughter.
  10. CUNNINGHAM/FLAHERTY, Patrick Cunningham, his daughter Maria Flaherty and her daughter Ellie Flaherty. Patrick’s brother Thomas Cunningham and Patrick’s 17 yr. old niece Maggie Egan. 

1911 Census of Ireland

Between 1901 and 1911 census the Keane house, which had two elderly people in 1901, disappeared from Annagh West.

  1. CUNNINGHAM/FLAHERTY,  Patrick Cunningham, and his daughter Maria Flaherty, her husband Hubert Flaherty, and their 5 children. Also, Patrick’s brother Thomas Cunningham.
  2. FLAHERTY, Michael, his wife Honor and their son.
  3. MORRIS,  Patrick, his wife Honor and their 35 years old daughter
  4. FORDE, Thomas, his wife Margaret and their 3 sons and 1 daughter. Also, Patrick Forde, brother of Tom. (in 1901 Patrick was listed as the head of this house)
  5. FORDE, Patrick, his wife Honor and their 4 sons and 1 daughter.
  6. FORDE, Martin, his wife Bridget and their 1 son and 4 daughters.
  7. MANNION, Martin, his wife Bridget, their 3 sons and 4 daughters.
  8. FLAHERTY, Nora and her daughter Ellen.
  9. CURRY, Thomas, his wife Anne, their son Mark, his wife Katie and their daughter.
Annagh West / An tEanach Thoir

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