Carrownrooaun / Ceathrú an Ruáin

Compiled by Paul Greaney


Irish name: Ceathrú an Ruáin

English name: Carrownrooaun

Meaning: the quarter of Ruane, Rowan; the quarter of the red place

Area: 134 acres and 29 perches.

Field Names: None yet recorded.

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Other names: Ceathramhadh Ruadhain, Carrowanruaun (B. S. Sketch Map), Carrorauan (Barony Map), Carrunerouine (County Book), Carrunneraune (County Book), Carrinruane (County Map), Carranowan (Crampton, Esq., Cahermorris), Caruanrooane (High Constable 1838), Carrorauan (Local), Carrorauan (Rector of Annaghdown).

Description: Michael Browne, Esq., Moyne, proprietor. All under tillage. The road from Galway to Tuam passes through the centre of this townland.

Situation: It is situated 2 1/4 miles East of Annaghdown Church. Bounded on the N. by Kilcahill. West by Kilgill. South by Racoona and Corbally, and East by Corrandrum.

Population Statistics

1841: 15 houses, 78 people (41 male, 37 female)

1851: 7 houses, 32 people (14 male, 18 female)

1861: 6 houses, 29 people (12 male, 17 female)

1871: 8 houses, 41 people (18 male, 23 female)

1881: 10 houses, 47 people (24 male, 23 female)

1891: 9 houses, 45 people (26 male, 19 female)

1901: 6 houses, 34 people (20 male, 14 female)

1911: 7 houses, 43 people (23 male, 20 female)

2011: 10 houses (incl. 1 uninhabited), 37 people (23 male, 14 female)

Tithe Applotment Books

Carranruane (sic.) is recorded in the 1824 Tithe Applotment Books as consisting of 81 acres in the possession of Thos Henaghan & Partners.

1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Carrownrooaun entries in Griffith’s Valuation for Annaghdown parish (1855)

Griffith’s Valuation records Bartholomew Henehan and Martin Henehan as each occupying a house, offices and land; Daniel Hessian, Patrick Wall, Michael Crapton, and Michael McGlinn each held a house and land, while Michael Flaherty and Michael Browne (the owner) each held portions of land. The entire townland was held from Michael Browne of Moyne.

Valuation House & Field Books

The December 1853 house book entries for Carrownrooaun shows Bartholomew Henehan occupying a house and offices, Martin Henehan occupying a house and office; and Daniel Hessian, Patt Wall, Michael Craptor, and Michael McGlinn each occupying a house.

1871-1901 Deaths

DateTownlandNameSexConditionAgeOccupationCauseMedical AttendantCertifiedRegistered byLink
08/07/1874CarrowruaneWinifred CrofterFMarried27 yearsLandholder’s wifeDecline, 2 yearsNNThomas Crofter, PADLink
07/08/1879CarraruaneMargaret GlynnFMarried70 yearsLandholder’s wifeSpinal disease, 1 yearNNMichael Glynn, PADLink
28/07/1883CararuaneMichael GlynnMWidower70 yearsLandholderChronic bronchitis, 12 monthsNNAnne Glynn, sister, PADLink
27/02/1884CarauruaneCatherine HenighanFSpinster18 yearsLandholder’s daughterMorbilli, 9 daysNNMargaret Henighan, sister, PADLink
26/11/1884CarowrowaneThomas HessionMBachelor56 yearsLandholderHeart and kidney diseases, several monthsYMary Henighan, PADLink
27/07/1886CararuaneJohn CainMMarried84 yearsLandholderDebility, 12 monthsNNMary Henighan, PADLink
08/04/1891CarauruaneBridget WardFWidow95 yearsHerd’s widowSenile decay, 3 yearsNNHonor Ward, PADLink
05/05/1892CaranruaneJohn ComerMWidower78 yearsLandholderSenile decay, 6 weeksNNPat Comer, son, PADLink
06/04/1893CarauruaneJohn SwiftMWidower87 yearsLabourerGeneral debility, 3 weeksNNMartin Hession, PAD, KilgillLink
01/06/1893CarauruaneDominick HeneghanMWidower76 yearsLandholderGeneral debility, 6 monthsNNMartin Heneghan, PADLink
16/01/1894CarauruaneMichael CramptonMBachelor80 yearsLandholderChronic bronchitis, 3 yearsNNMichael Fahy, PADLink
05/01/1894CarauruanePatrick HessionMBachelor11 monthsLandholder’s infantPertussis, 5 weeksNNBridget Hession, mother, PADLink
04/11/1897CarauruaneMary HenehanFWidow71 yearsWidow of landholderSevere cough, 3 weeksNNJohn Henehan, son, PADLink
07/07/1898CaruruaneBridget HessionFMarried65 yearsLandholder’s wifeCancer of liver, 12 monthsNNEllen Curran, sister, PADLink
12/07/1898CaruruaneMartin HenehanMBachelor4.5 yearsLandholder’s childSevere burn, 12 hoursNNJohn Henehan, father, PADLink
05/04/1899CaruruaneDaniel HessionMWidower75 yearsLandholderGeneral debility, 2 yearsNNMary Curran, PADLink
29/07/1900CaruruaneBartley HenehanMMarried96 yearsLabourerOld age and general debilityNNMartin Henehan, son, PADLink
Deaths in Carrownrooaun, 1871-1901

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following six households in Carrownrooaun.

  1. Thomas Henihan (54), farmer; his wife Mary (52); children Patrick (24), farmer’s son; Onour (22), farmer’s daughter; Martin (19), farmer’s son; Herbert (16), Michael (12), Denish (10), Mary (8), all scholars; brother Martin (60), and mother Onour (80), widow.
  2. John Henihan (41), farmer; his wife Bridget (38); son John (5), scholar; and daughters Mary (3), Margaret (2), and Bridget (11 months).
  3. William Ward (56), farmer; his wife Nora (46); daughters Bridget (15), Mary (14), sons William (13), John (11), Pat (9), and Martin (6), all scholars.
  4. Patrick Coppinger (40), farmer; his wife Honoria (32), housekeeper; and sons John (3) and Patrick (5 months).
  5. Thomas Crompton (60), farmer; and his wife Winifred (60).
  6. John Lardner (65), farmer; his wife Bridget (65); and son Denis (23).

One house had a roof of slate, iron or tiles, with between ten and twelve rooms and five windows in front, qualifying as a first class dwelling. The remaining five houses had roofs of thatch, and between two and four rooms each. Four of them had three front windows, qualifying as second class, and one had two front windows, qualifying as a third class house.

A return of out-offices and farm steadings is not available for the townland in 1901.

1911 Census

Seven households are recorded in the 1911 census.

  1. Martin Spelman (40), farmer and grocer; his wife Bridget (37) [nee Hession], married for 17 years with seven children born alive and four still living; children Joseph (9), Mary (6), both scholars and born in the United States; Bridget (3) and Patrick (1), both born in Galway; and brother-in-law Patrick Hession (53), army pensioner, late School and Gunnery RA.
  2. Bridget Lardner (33), farmer, married for seven years with one child born alive and still living; and her daughter Delia (6), scholar.
  3. Thomas Crompton (65), farmer; and his wife Bridget (40), married for under one year.
  4. Pat Coppinger (52), farmer; his wife Norah (41), married for 15 years with eleven children born alive and nine still living; children Patrick (11), Thomas (8), Michael (6), and Mary (10), all scholars; Nora (4), David (2), and John (under one month).
  5. John Henighan (52), farmer; his wife Bridget (51), married for 17 years with eight children born alive and seven still living; children John (15), farmer’s son; Mary (13), Margret (12), Bridget (11), James (9), Catherine (6), all scholars; and Martin (5).
  6. William Ward (66), farmer; his wife Nora Henihan (55), married for 30 years with seven children born alive and still living; children William (26), John (23), Patrick (21), farmer’s sons; Mary (24), Martin (16), and Catherine (9), scholar.
  7. Thomas Henihan (66),farmer; his wife Mary (66), married for 43 years with eleven children born alive and nine still living; children Martin (30), Denis (22), farmer’s sons; Norah (34), and Mary (20).

All houses had walls of stone. Two had roofs of slate, iron or tiles and were of the second class, one having between two and four rooms and five front windows, the other having five or six rooms and two front windows. The remaining five houses had roofs of thatch and between two and four rooms each. One had two front windows, qualifying as a third class dwelling, while the other four had three front windows and were second class dwellings.

Out-offices recorded are six stables, a coach house, five cow-houses, five piggeries, three fowl-houses, and five barns.

Note: Information in squared brackets has been added by the author and does not appear in the original record.

Carrownrooaun / Ceathrú an Ruáin

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