Below are three photos from the Boys’ National School in Corrandulla, taken during the 1930s and 40s. Sincere thanks to John Murphy, Cregduff, for these photos.

Corrandulla Boys’ National School, Senior Classes c. 1936/1937.
Back row L-R: Tommie Qualter, John Joe Lynch, Mattie Scully, Paddy Joe Sweeney, Paddy Kavanagh, Tommie Greally, Willie Killilea, Tommie Furey.
4th row L-R: Bro. Austin Dolan OSF, James Burke, Martin (Sonny) Greaney, Robert Greaney, John Shaughnessy, Tommie Brendan Greaney, Vincent Monaghan, Jackie Furey, Mark McGrath, Thomas Flaherty, Paddy Fahy, Patrick Burke, Bro. Conleth Mannion OSF.
3rd row L-R: Martin Creaven, Willie Fahy, Johnny Kelly, Paddy Moylan, John Mulrooney, Paddy Fahy, Michael Faherty, Vincent Lane, Michael Joe Greaney.
2nd row L-R: Bobbie Healy, Michael Hanley, Martin Wynne, John Joe Hardiman, Andrew Lynch, Francis Shaughnesy, Joe Burke, Paddy Hynes, James Hynes, Michael Greaney.
Front row L-R: Páideen Qualter, Willie Kavanagh, John Murphy, Patrick Greally, Tommie Cahill, John Sweeney, Pa Glynn.

Corrandulla Boys’ School Football Team, 1942-43
Back row, L-R: Tom Murphy, Tommie Cahill, Paddy Moylan, Joe Burke, Micheál Faherty, Michael Forde, John Murphy.
Front row, L-R: Michael Sweeney, Paddy (Ginger) Forde, Joe Duggan, Andrew Lynch, Hubert Creaven, John Qualter, James Greaney.

Corrandulla Boys’ National School, c. 1937
Back row, L-R: Paddy Foley, Paddy Canavan, ? O’Toole, Miko Hynes, Paddy Joe Monaghan, Michael Cahill, James Fahy, Martin Forde, Michael Forde, Bro. Austin Dolan OSF.
Middle row, L-R: Billy Cahill, Michael Kavanagh, James Greaney, Martin Hynes, John Hynes, Tom Murphy, Paddy Kavanagh, Bernie Sweeney, Frank Collins, Eddie Healy, James Lynch, James Qualter, Michael Moylan.
Front row, L-R: John Cahill, Tom Shaughnessy, John Qualter, Vincent Lynch, Francis Melia, John Burke, Hubert Creaven, Martin Moylan, Michael Burke, Mattie Cahill, P.J. Greaney, Joe Forde.

Corrandulla Boys’ School Photographs, 1930s-40s

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  • September 20, 2020 at 9:16 am

    I think that the Martin moylan in the front row could be my moms mom Delia from farmerstown went to school with her sisters margaret(peg) and Mary.


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