Cregduff / An Chreig Dhubh

Compiled by Evelyn Stevens


Irish name: An Chreig Dhubh

Irish pronunciation:

English name: Cregduff

Meaning: The Black Rock

Area: 640 acres, 1 roods and 2 perches

Field names recorded in 2020: Garraí Bán, Garraí Dickie, Boyle’s Field (GAA Football North Board Final played there in 1920 – to be confirmed), Cathair a’ Cillín (site of children’s burial ground), The Creigín, Wades’ Bog, Gáirdín Scoile, The Léine. 

Other Landmarks: A stone-built well has been renovated in this townland (see

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Other names: Other Forms of the Name with authority source in brackets: Cregduff, Creag Dubh, Cregduff (B. S. Sketch Map), Cregdue (Barony Map), Creeg (County Map), Creggduff (High Constable 1838), Cregduff (Inq. Temp Ca. I.), Creghduff (Inq. Temp. Iac. I), Cregg duff (Local), Creggduff (Rector of Annaghdown).

Description: Walter Joyce, Esq. [Unable to read.] Proprietor. 1/3 under tillage and the remainder [Unable to read.] [Unable to read.] bog. A river runs through the S. end and boundary lakes [Unable to read.] [Unable to read.] of river[Unable to read.]East side – in the East is another Creggduff whose Proprietor is Francis Blake of Cregg Castle.

Situation: It is situated 3 miles South of Annaghdown Church. Bounded N. by Park. South by [Unable to read.]. Boundary West by Adragoole and East by [Unable to read.] Boundary.

Archaeological Information

Children’s burial ground. None recorded, but there is a cillín (children’s burial ground), a roughly circular area with many stones dotted throughout. It is in a scrubby area surrounded by agricultural land. Annaghdown Heritage Society cleared the cillín of scrub in 2000, erected a fence and gate around it, and placed a plaque there which reads  ‘Cillín An Chreig Dhubh coisricthe 21-7-2000 Cumann Oidhreachta Eanach Dhúin’. The area was cleared again of regrowth in 2020 by local volunteers.

Population Statistics

1841: 8 houses, 85 people (46 male, 39 female)

1851: 8 houses, 60 people (31 male, 29 female)

1861: 8 houses, 63 people (34 male, 29 female)

1871: 8  houses, 53 people (27 male, 26 female)

1881: 8  houses, 47 people (23 male, 24 female)

1891: 8  houses, 53 people ( 26 male, 27 female)

1901: 8 houses, 40 people (24 male, 16 female)

1911: 8 houses, 36 people (21 male, 15 female)

2011: 25 houses (2 vacant), 64 people (29  male, 35 female) 

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

The Tithe Applotment Books show Frs Blake as landlord with tenants Ed Collins, Pat and Wm Moran, and Wm Joyce as landlord with tenant H Browne.

1840 Griffith’s House Books & 1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation shows that Cregduff had 8 households under two lessors, Francis Blake and Thomas Joyce. Listed were: Patrick Collins, John Small, Thomas Moran, Edmond Moran, James Browne, Michael Browne, George Browne and Thomas Browne.

Griffith’s Valuation entries for Cregduff

Sale in Encumbered Estates Court, 1871

Joyce Estate, 1871: In the Matter of the Estate of Thomas Appleyard Joyce and William Patrick Joyce. Rental and Particulars of the Demesne Lands of Rahassane Park with the Mansion House and Out-Offices thereon and the Town and Lands of Anglingham or Gortechalla, Cargins, Cregg, otherwise Cregduff, and Gardenham. To be Sold, in eleven lots, before the Honorable Judge Flanagan, at the Landed Estates Court, Inns’-Quay, in the City of Dublin, on Friday, the 9th day of June 1871, at 12 o’clock, Noon.

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following individuals living in 8 households in Cregduff.

  1. Moran, Patrick (60) lived with his wife Ellen (45) and their son Michael (16).
  2. Murphy, Thomas (48) lived with his wife Margaret (48),  their son Patrick (19), and daughter Kate (13).
  3. Small, Thomas (54) lived with his wife Kate (54), their sons James (22), William (20), Thomas (14) and Patrick (12).
  4. Collins, Edmond (48) lived with his wife Bridget (35).
  5. Browne, Ulick (45) lived with his wife Mary (43), their son James (13), daughter Anne (9), son Martin (6), sister Mary (40) and brother William (35).
  6. Leonard, James (59) lived with his wife Mary (54), sons John (24) James (22) William (20), daughters Honor (18) and Mary (16) and sons Patrick (13) and Frank (13).
  7. Browne, Thomas (48) lived with his wife Margaret (29), their daughter Mary (7) and son Darley (5).
  8. Browne, John (45) lived with his wife Sarah (44), their daughters Kate (14) and Delia (12) and their son Martin (6).

Seven houses were of the second class, one was of the third class, with stone walls and thatched roofs, two to four front windows each, with five of the houses having between two and four rooms each, and three with five or six rooms each.

1911 Census

In 1911 there were eight households in Cregduff, with the following individuals recorded in the census.

  1. Browne, John (60) lived with his wife Sarah (53), their son Martin (17) and their daughter Delia Brown(22).
  2. Browne, Thomas (72) lived with his wife Margaret (50), their sons George (19) and Dermott (16) and their daughter Mary Brown (17).
  3. Leonard, James (69) lived with his wife Mary (65), their sons John (32) and James (30) and their daughter Mary (24).
  4. Browne, Ulick (58) lived with his wife Mary (53) their sons James (23) and Martin (16) their daughter Annie (19) his brother William (52) and his sister Mary (51).
  5. Moran, Ellen (62) lived with her son Michael (25).
  6. Murphy, Thomas (63) lived with his wife Margaret (65), their son Pat (31), daughter-in-law Mary (30), his grandson Thomas (3) and granddaughter May (2).
  7. Collins, Edmund (69) lived with his wife Bridget (40), his nephew Michael Cahill (16) and servant John Collins (16).
  8. Small, Catherine (69) lived with her sons Thomas (25) and Patrick (22).

Five houses were of the second class, three were of the third class, with stone walls, thatched roofs, with two, three or four front windows, and comprising between two and four rooms each.

Cregduff / An Chreig Dhubh

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