Amongst the people of this area there were a lot of famous people in years gone by, and it’s not so long ago since they were around. About 60 years ago, there was one – Mike Margot’s father. Mike is still alive and well and lives in Woodpark, in his 69th year and a lot of stories are told about his father John running and jumping.  He lived in Woodpark and another man lived there too, in the place where Micil Fahy is now. Mike’s father met the family who were there, where Micil is now, and they started talking. During the conversation, Stanton said that the wall was too high for Mike Margot’s father. “Well”, said John Farragher, Mike’s father, I’ll bet you ten shillings that I’ll jump it. He stood out from it on the ditch on the other side of the road. He took off his shoes and took a run towards it. Up with him to the top of the wall and he only had to leave his hand on the top and in with him. Stanton had to keep his deal and pay John Farragher.
Another day William Farragher’s father got sick. He only had to put on his shoes and he started on the way to Tuam, and they were related too. He ran to Tuam for a doctor and before the doctor’s horse was able to get there, John Farragher was home before him. It is said that he could run as fast as a hare.

Written by Padhraigh O Coincheanainn/Patrick Concannon of Rinnaharney, from his father Micheál Ó Coincheanainn.

Anach Cuain, pages 37-38. Link:

Daoine Cáiliúla in Eanach Cuain – Seán Ó Fearrachair – Well-known People in Annaghdown – John Farragher, Padhraigh O Coincheanainn

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