There was a man living in Corrandulla named Michael Kavanagh. He was a big, strong man. He was drawing water one day and he had big barrels of water – a hundredweight in a cart; he had a mule drawing it and there was frost on the road. When he was coming home with the water, the mule failed and he took it out from under the cart. He drew the cart and the water home himself. His father told him that he ought not have done it, but he said he was as strong himself as any horse that he ever had.”Wait and you’ll see that I’m strong”, he said. His father had ropes bought a week beforehand. He went out and he said to his father that the ropes were no good, but the father said they were. Then he tied the rope to the gate-pillar and broke it in two. Another time there was an old smith in the place and he had a horseshoe made. He caught the shoe and straightened it right back out. It’s a true story.
Written by Eibhlín Ní Ghráinne / Eileen Greaney of Kilgill, from her father Seán Ó Gráinne/John Greaney (61). Corr an Droma, Book 2, pages 483-484. Link:

Fear Láidir – A Strong Man, Eibhlín Ní Ghráinne

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