Rinnaharney / Rinn na hAirne

Compiled by Paul Greaney


Irish name: Rinn na hAirne

Irish pronunciation:

English name: Rinnaharney

Meaning: the point/headland of the sloes

Area: 160 acres, 3 roods, 2 perches.

Field names in this townland: Not yet recorded.

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Names: Rinnaharney, Roin na h-áirneadh, Rinnaharny (B. S. Sketch Map), Rinnahard (Cahill Esq., Annaghdown), Rinaharna (High Constable 1838), Rínnaharní or division of the sloes (Local), Rinnaharna (Rector of Annaghdown).

Description: It is part of the Bishopric of the Archbishop of Tuam. Under tillage except a portion of rocks. There is a small village situate on its Western boundary 2 ? W. of Woodpark House – Wood Park [unable to read] situate (also another ruin) both on the North boundary of this townland.

Situation: It is situated 4½ miles W. S. W. of Annaghdown Church. Bunded North by Ballylye. South by Shankelly. E. by Woodpark and W. by Lough Corrib.

Population Statistics

1841: 20 houses, 111 people (59 male, 52 female)

1851: 18 houses , 84 people (36 male, 48 female)

1861: 16 houses, 73 people (33 male, 40 female)

1871: 11 houses (incl. 1 vacant), 59 people (29 male, 30 female)

1881: 12 houses, 56 people (21 male, 35 female)

1891: 11 houses, 38 people (15 male, 23 female)

1901: 8 houses, 27 people (9 male, 18 female)

1911: 6 houses, 15 people (5 male, 10 female)

2011: 14 houses (incl. 4 vacant), 38 people (22 male, 16 female)

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

The Tithe Applotment Books record Horace Rochford Esq. as proprietor of the townland, held by John Ruane, Pat Burke, Thos Flesk, Wm Dowd & Partners in three portions of 40 acres, 40 acres, and 19 acres.

1840 Griffith’s House Books & 1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Rinnaharney entries in Griffith’s Valuation

The December 1853 house book for Rinnaharney records Thomas Monaghan, Mary Culkeen, Margaret Ruaun, Michael Flynn, George Smyly, John Burke, Winefred Flesk, William Flahery, and Patt O’Neil as occupiers of houses, while Bryan Neil, Stephen Ruaun, Edmond Dilleen, and Patt Scully each held a house and offices.

Griffith’s Valuation records seven houses in Rinnaharney: Bryan O’Neill, Edward Dilleen, and Patrick Scully each held a house, office and land, Stephen Ruaun held a house, office and garden (together with land enumerated separately), while Thomas Monaghan, Margaret Ruaun, and George Smyly each held a house (with land enumerated separately).

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following 8 houses in Rinnaharney:

  1. Mary Duggan [née Concannon] (65), farmer, widow; her son William (30), farmer’s son; and lodger Mary Flesk (65), mendicant, not married.
  2. Honor Mulryan (67), widow; her son Thomas (30), farmer’s son.
  3. Martin Heally (80), farmer; his wife Kate [née Ruane] (82); and nieces Kate Grady (20), general servant domestic, and Julia Grady (10), scholar.
  4. Mary Donnellan [née Duggan] (60), widow; her son Martin (25), farmer’s son.
  5. John Ruane (55), farmer; his wife Celia [née Ruane] (50); and daughters Nora (20), Julia (18), and Celia (16), all farmer’s daughters.
  6. Stephen Ruane (75); his wife Mary [née Forde] (65); daughters Bridget (30), Mary (28), both farmer’s daughters; and sister Mary Ruane (65), not married, general servant.
  7. Julia O’Neill (57) [née O’Neill], widow; her sons William (30), John (28), farmer’s sons; daughter Kate (22), farmer’s daughter; and grandson John Hession (2).
  8. Ellen Ruane (70) [née O’Grady], widow.

The houses of Mary Donnellan, John Ruane, Stephen Ruane and Julia O’Neill were of the second class with thatched roofs and three front windows each. The houses of Mary Duggan, Martin Heally, Honor Mulryan and Ellen Ruane were all of the third class, the first two having two front windows each, the third having one front window, and the latter having no front windows. All houses had walls of stone and roofs of thatch.

One further house, held by Mary Donnellan, was vacant.

All inhabitants were recorded as having been born in County Galway, and there were five monoglot Irish speakers recorded in the townland: Mary Duggan (house 1), Martin and Kate Heally (house 3), Mary Donnellan (house 4), and Ellen Ruane (house 8).

1911 Census

The 1911 Census of Ireland records six households in Rinnaharney. The houses of Mary Duggan and Martin Heally are no longer present.

1. John Ruane (73), farmer; his wife Celia (39) [née Murphy], married for 36 years with 5 children born alive and 4 living; daughter Julia (28), farmer’s daughter; son-in-law William Faragher (44), farmer’s son; daughter Honor Faragher [née Ruane] (30), married 2 years, 1 child born alive and 1 living; granddaughter Winefred Faragher (1).

2. Mary Ruane [née Forde] (76), married 35 years with 3 children born alive and 3 living; her daughters Bridget (38), Mary (34), both farmer’s daughters.

3. Julia O’Neill (75) [née Murphy], widow, married for 50 years, 8 children born alive, 7 living; her son William (45), and nephew John Hession (12), scholar. [Note than John Hession was actually grandson of the head of household].

4. Margaret Donnellan [née Corkett] (44), farmer, married for 10 years.

5. Thomas Mulryan (45), farmer, single.

6. Ellen Mulryan (80), farmer, widow, married 59 years with 8 children born alive and 6 living.

The houses of John Ruane, Mary Ruane, Julia O’Neill, Margaret Donnellan and Thomas Mulryan were of the second class, having three front windows and between two and four rooms. The remaining house, that of Ellen Mulryan, was of the third class, having two front windows and between two and four rooms. All six houses were constructed with stone walls and thatched roofs.

The holding of Ellen Mulryan had no out-offices. Each of the others had a cow-house, piggery, and barn. The holdings of John Ruane, Mary Ruane, Julia O’Neill and Thomas Mulryan each had a stable, while Mary Ruane and Thomas Mulryan each had a fowl-house, and John Ruane, Mary Ruane, Julia O’Neill and Margaret Donnellan each had a shed.

All inhabitants were recorded as having been born in Galway, and there were no monoglot Irish speakers recorded in the townland.

Note: Information in squared brackets has been added by the author and does not appear in the original record.

Rinnaharney / Rinn na hAirne

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