Tonamace / Tóin an Mhása

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Irish name: Tóin an Mhása

Irish pronunciation:

English name: Tonamace

Meaning: the bottomland of the long, low hill

Area: 241 acres, 1 rood and 2 perches

Field Names: none yet recorded.

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Other names: Tonamace, Tóin a mháis, Toin a mhása, Tón a mhase, Tonamace (B. S. Sketch Map), Thonenamaes (Cahill, Esq., Annaghdown), Mace and Tonemace (High Constable 1838), Toninvasy (Inq. Temp. Iac. I), Tonamace (Local), Tonamace (Rector of Annaghdown).

Description: Proprietor Francis Blake Esq., Cregg Castle. Under tillage except part which is subject to Winter’s flood. There is a large village situate near its S. E. boundary also a lough the centre of which forms the junction of Annaghdown Cutheeanthe with Tonama.

Situation: It is situated 1¾ miles W. of Currandulla Chapel. Bounded North by Annagh West. South by Cloonlinnaun and Cutheeanthee. East by Mace and West by Annaghdown.

Population Statistics

1841: 26 houses, 183 people (92 male, 91 female)

1851: 19 houses (2 uninhabited), 110 people (56 male, 54 female)

1861: 17 houses (2 uninhabited), 90 people (48 male, 42 female)

1871: 18 houses, 104 people (58 male, 47 female)

1881: 16 houses, 107 people (60 male, 47 female)

1891: 15 houses (1 uninhabited), 88 people (43 male, 45 female)

1901: 11 houses, 66 people (36 male, 30 female)

1911: 15 houses, 75 people (38 male, 37 female)

2011: 31 houses (8 vacant), 54 people (33 male, 21 female)

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

The Tithe Applotment Books record Pat Hession and Michl Neil & partners as tenants of F Blake Esq. at Tonymace.

1853 Griffith’s House Books & 1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Griffiths Valuation shows that Tonamace was held under the Rundale system with a 1/17th share held by the following people: Thos. Cahill (James), Michael Hessian, John Cahill, Thos. Cahill (Edmd), Owen Laval, John Wynne, James Wynne, James Cosgrave, John Laval, Patrick Dooley, Patrick Wynne, Mary Ford, Edmond Cahill, Honoria Ford, Honoria Laval, Michael Laval and John Ford. Also Francis Blake held 15 acres in fee.

Tonamace entries in Griffith’s Valuation

Griffiths House books (24 Nov 1853) lists the following as tenants: Thomas Cahill (James), Michael Hessian, John Cahill, Thomas Cahill (Edmond), Owen Laval, John Winn, James Winn, James Cosgriff, John Laval, Pat Darley, Pat Winn, Mary Ford, Edmond Cahill, Honoria Ford, Michael Laval, John Ford, Bridget Murphy and Bridget Murray.

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following 15 households in 1901.

  1. Thomas Cahill lived with his wife Honor, son Edward and daughters Mary & Julia.
  2. Patrick Hession, widower, lived with his son, Michael and daughters Kate & Mary.
  3. Edmond Cahill lived with his wife Sarah, sons John & Henry and daughters Julia & Celia.
  4. John Wynne lived with his wife Margaret, son Laurence, daughter Maria, daughter in law Ellen, grandson Malachy and grand daughter Margaret.
  5. John Pat Wynne, widower, lived with his sons Patrick & Philip, nephew Thomas and niece Honor (both Wynne)
  6. Thomas Cahill lived with his wife Nora, sons James, Michael, John and Patrick, daughter Mary and brother Martin
  7. Martin Nally lived with his wife Bridget, sons Michael, John, Martin & James and daughter Mary.
  8. Bridget Cosgrove, widow, lived with her daughter Margaret and son James.
  9. John Dooley lived with his wife Bridget, sons Michael, Patrick & John and daughters Margaret, Kate & Bridget.
  10. Julia Lavelle, widow, lived with her sons John & William, daughter Mary and niece Julia O’Brien.
  11. John Wynne lived with his wife, Mary, sons Martin, John & Michael and daughters Sarah, Bridget and Julia.
  12. Martin Murray lived with his wife, Margaret, son Denis, daughter Honor, and sisters in law Mary & Honor Higgins.
  13. Michael Moran, widower,  lived with his son Patrick, and daughters Honor & Kate.
  14. Ellen Forde, widow, lived with her son John and daughter Mary.
  15. Martin Lavelle lived with his wife, Honor, daughter-in-law Bridget Lavelle (married) and son in law Martin Murphy.

Each house was of the second class, bar two of the third class with stone walls and thatched roofs. 11 houses had three front windows in each, two houses had two front windows and two houses had four windows, all comprising two rooms each. 13 houses had stables, cow houses, piggeries and barns. 3 houses had calf houses and 10 houses had cart houses.

1911 Census

  1. Thomas Cahill, his wife Honor, brother Martin, sons James, Michael, John and Patrick and daughters Mary, Julia & Bridget.
  2. Patrick Hession, his son Michael and daughters Kate & Mary.
  3. John Cahill, his brother Henry and sisters Julia & Celia.
  4. John Wynne, his son Laurence, sister Maria, daughter in law Ellen, grandsons Michael & Patrick, granddaughters Margaret, Mary, Nora & Julia.
  5. Mary Wynne, her sons John & Michael and daughter Norah.
  6. Patrick Feerick, his son-in-law Thomas Cahill, daughter Honor Cahill, grandsons Edmond, Patrick & Michael Cahill and grand daughters Mary, Julia, Delia & Maggie.
  7. Martin Allen, his wife Mary, sons Michael, John, Martin & Owen and daughter Mary.
  8. Bridget Cosgrove, her daughter Margaret and son James.
  9. Michael Dooley, his wife Bridget, sisters Margaret & Kate and brother John.
  10. Patrick Wynne, single, living on his own.
  11. Margaret Murray, her son Denis and daughters Kate & Honor.
  12. Michael Moran, his son Patrick and daughter Kate.
  13. Ellen Forde, her son John and daughters Norah & Mary.
  14. John Lavelle and his brothers William & Timothy.
  15. Honor Lavelle, her son-in-law Martin Murphy and daughter Bridget.

In the 1911 census, 10 houses were described as being of the second class, 5 of the third class, each with stone walls and thatched roof.  10 houses had three front windows and 5 had two. 10 houses had stables, 8 had cow houses, 12 had piggeries, all 15 had barns, 5 had turf houses and 11 had sheds.

Tonamace / Tóin an Mhása

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