Cloonboo / Cluain Bú

Compiled by Evelyn Stevens


Irish name: Cluain Bú

Irish pronunciation:

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English name: Cloonboo

Meaning: pasture of the hyacinths

Cluain-bugha, meadow of the bugh or hyacinth plant, a sort of nagger with beautiful flowers of a blue or bluish-green colour, well known in Clare and Galway. Often mentioned in Irish writings : ” eyes the colour of the búgh-flower.” – from Joyce’s Field Names.

Area: 425 acres, 0 roods and 15 perches.

Information from O’Donovan’s Field Name Books

Other names: Cluain búgh, Clonboo, Clunboo

Description: Thomas Blake, Esq., Cregg Castle, Proprietor. All under tillage except portions of flooded ground to the South and East, a lake to the North end which divides Cloonboo and Mace townlands

Situation: It is situated 3 miles S. W. of Annaghdown Church. Bounded North by Mace. South by Adragool. East by Castlequarter and W. by Lissanoran.

Field Names

An Garraí Fada, Garraí na gCloch, Garraí na Feochana, Garraí Downey, Garraí Chicely, Túirín Lachach, Garraí Déideán, An Léine, Na Cregga, Gort Donn, Móin a’tSíáin.

Other Landmarks: Tobar a’ Bhaile, Tobar Downey.

Archaeological Information

Lake Dwelling (possible). In the middle of Lough Afoor. Marked on 3rd ed. Of OS map (1934) as a small circular island (D c.20m). The site is not presently visible due to a rise in the water level.

Lake Dwelling (possible). A second possible lake dwelling marked on 3rd ed of OS map (1934) (D c.25M) lies 100m to SW. The site is not presently visible due to a rise in the water level.

Population Statistics

1841: 35 houses, 231 people (127  male, 104 female)

1851: 24 (3 uninhabited) houses, 143 people (71 male, 72 female)

1861: 23 houses, 124 people (59 male, 65 female)

1871: 23 houses, 124 people, (60 male, 64 female)

1881: 25 houses, 133 people (71 male, 62 female)

1891: 19 houses (1 uninhabited),  110 people ( 57 male, 53 female)

1901: 19 houses, 99 people (53 male, 46 female)

1911: 19 houses (1 uninhabited), 91 people (47 male, 44 female)

2011: 102 houses (9 vacant), 265 people (137 male, 128 female)

1821 Tithe Applotment Books

The Tithe Applotment books for Cloonboo show the following names: Ths Blake, landlord, Mich and John Scully, Ths Hanneen, John and Michl Carr, Francis Allen, Ths Hennelly, Willm and Widow Scully, John Downey, Michl Downey and Widow Walsh, Ths Burke, Pat Maher, Michl Hanneen, John Walsh.

1840 Griffith’s House Books & 1855 Griffith’s Valuation

Griffith’s Valuation shows that Cloonboo had 20 households with 6 others holding land, all under the immediate lessor, Francis Blake.  Listed were: Michael Scully, John Hannan, John Scully, James Carr, Bridget Hanley, James Feenaghty, Martin Downey, Thomas Walsh, Thomas Burke, Patrick Moylan, Henry Allen, John Hannan, Jeremiah Hannan, Thomas Downey, Margaret Burke, Marg. Burke (Hessian), Martin Kavanagh, Cicilia Higgins, James Collins, Thomas Ward. Land only- Michael Leonard, John Leonard, William Leonard, Martin Hennelly, Margaret Neill and Margaret Burke.

 Cecilia Higgins is listed as Cecilia Hannan in the House Books.

Cloonboo entries in Griffith’s Valuation

1871-1901 Deaths

DateTownlandNameSexConditionAgeOccupationCauseMedical AttendantCertifiedRegistered byLink
20/01/1871ClonbooMary ScullyFSpinster1 1/2 yearsPeasant’s childConvulsions epileptic, 6 monthsNNJohn Scully, occuperLink
24/06/1871ClonbooBridget HennellyFSpinster9 daysPeasant’s childConvulsions, nine daysNNEllen Hennelly, mother, PADLink
28/07/1871ClonbooMichael HannonMMarried79 yearsWeaverOld age & debility, a long timeNNJohn Mulloy, PADLink
16/02/1872ClonbooJohn ScullyMWidower90 yearsSmall farmerOld age and exhaustion, a long timeNNKate Scully, PADLink
21/03/1872ClonbooPatrick HennellyMBachelor2 1/2 yearsChild of a peasantEffusion on the bran, one dayYMichael Hennelly, PADLink
16/04/1872ClonbooMary MannionFWidow55 yearsPauperKidney disease, a long timeYBartley Collins, occupierLink
03/06/1872ClonbooEllen AllenFSpinster15 monthsLabourer’s childScarlatina, two daysNNMary Moylan, PADLink
03/07/1872ClonbooKate ScullyFMarried40 yearsLabourerDropsy and liver disease, six monthsYHonor Scully, PADLink
11/10/1872ClonbooMary BurkeFMarried35 yearsPeasantPeritonitis from rupture of gastric ulcerNNMichael Burke, occupierLink
23/02/1873ClonbooThomas ScullyMBachelor7 monthsPeasant’s childConvulsions, a few hoursNNJohn Scully, occupierLink
21/06/1873ClonbooEllen FinertyFMarried74 yearsPeasantKidney disease, long timeYJames Finerty, occupierLink
22/12/1874ClonbooBridget ScullyFSpinster8 monthsChild of a labourerWhooping cough, 3 weeksNNKate Scully, PADLink
25/03/1875ClonbooThomas BurkeMBachelor2 daysLabourer’s childWeakness since birthNNKate Burke, PADLink
16/02/1876ClonbooEllen WalshFMarried60 yearsPeasantDisease of the kidneys, 6 monthsYThomas Walsh, occupierLink
08/07/1877ClonbooThomas WalshMWidower79 yearsPeasantOld age & bronchitis, a long timeNNThomas Lenihan, occupierLink
29/09/1877ClonbooThomas CollinsMBachelor80 yearsBeggarWeakness from old age, a long timeYDenis Collins, occupierLink
17/03/1878ClonbooJohn HannonMBachelor74 yearsPauperGreat exhaustion & debility, 4 daysNNKate Burke, PADLink
29/06/1878ClonbooJohn HennellyMMarried50 yearsPeasantLiver disease, 2 yearsNNEllen Hennelly, occupierLink
25/09/1878ClonbooPatrick BurkeMMarried80 yearsPeasantWeakness of Heart, 2 daysNNJulia Burke, PAD, ClonbooLink
02/02/1879ClonbooSabina HannonFWidow70 yearsPeasantBronchitis, long timeNNJames Hannon, occupierLink
06/04/1879ClonbooThomas WardeMWidower87 yearsPeasantSuffocative catarrh, one weekNNHonor Warde, PADLink
16/04/1879ClonbooWinifred KinglishFWidow80 yearsPeasantOld age & debility, 3 weeksNNBridget Carr, PADLink
08/07/1879ClonbooMary ScullyFWidow70 yearsPeasantBronchitis, 3 weeksNNPatrick Scully, occupierLink
01/08/1879ClonbooJohn HannonMWidower81 yearsPeasantWeakness & exhaustion, 5 weeksNNMichael Hannon, occupierLink
12/05/1880ClonbooFrank AllenMBachelor19 yearsPeasantFever, 3 weeksNNPatt Moran, occupierLink
16/09/1881ClonbooMichael DowneyMMarried54 yearsPeasantRenal dropsy, 6 monthsYThomas Lenihan, PADLink
16/01/1882ClonbooBridget AllenFMarried60 yearsPeasantCough & heart disease, 3 monthsNNJohn Allen, husband, occupierLink
17/01/1882ClonbooBridget AllenFMarried60 yearsPeasantSuffocative catarrh, 3 weeksNNJohn Allen, PADLink
25/01/1882ClonbooPatrick LenihanMBachelor5 monthsPeasant’s childSmothering of chest, few daysNNThomas Lenihan, PADLink
05/04/1882ClonbooMichael HanonMBachelor58 yearsLandholderFractures accidentally receivedYInformation received from James McDonagh Coroner for the County of Galway, Inquest held 6th April 1882Link
07/03/1883ClonbooDenis CollinsMBachelor60 yearsLabourer and gardenerGeneral marasmus and exhaustion, 6 monthsYPeter Collins, brother, PADLink
10/04/1884ClonbooCelia HannenFSpinster60 yearsPeasantPain in the stomach, one dayNNMichael Hannen, nephew, PADLink
26/08/1884ClonbooJohn BrownMBachelor27 yearsPeasantLiver disease and dropsy, 18 monthsYAnne Brown, mother, PADLink
03/12/1884ClonbooSabina HannenFWidow70 yearsPeasantCough and dyspnea, 4 daysNNJohn Hannen, son, PADLink
17/04/1886ClonbooHonor AllenFMarried28 yearsPeasantInflammation after childbirth, one weekNNFrank Allen, husband and occupierLink
24/01/1887ClonbooPeter CollinsMBachelor75 yearsPauperPain and swelling on the stomach, 2 weeksNNJohn Downey, PADLink
04/04/1887ClonbooWilliam ScullyMBachelor30 yearsLabourerSevere cold, 3 monthsNNPatrick Scully, PAD, CurrandullLink
10/6/1887ClonbooThomas BurkeMWidower81 yearsPeasantWeakness and debility, five weeksNNMary Burke, granddaughter, PADLink
05/09/1887ClonbooWinifred ConnollyFMarried27 yearsLabourerEndocarditis, 2 yearsYHonor Carr, sister, PADLink
23/09/1887ClonbooMary WardeFWidow75 yearsPoor womanBronchitis, 12 monthsNNMary Warde, daughter, PADLink
17/09/1888ClonbooMichael BurkeMBachelor2 daysLabourer’s childWeakness since birthNNThomas Burke, brother, PADLink
23/03/1889ClonbooMichael ScullyMBachelor24 yearsLabourerPhthisis pulmonum, 4 monthsYPatrick Scully, uncle, PAD, CastlecreevinLink
06/04/1889ClonbooMichael HennellyMBachelor18 yearsLabourerConsumption, 3 monthsNNPatrick Scully, PAD, CurrandullaLink
17/02/1890ClonbooPatrick MoranMMarried50 yearsPeasantConvulsions in relapse after influenza, one weekYBridget Allen, PADLink
04/10/1890ClonbooHonor ScullyMSpinster23 yearsPeasantPhthisis pulmonum, 8 monthsYPatrick Scully, uncle, PAD, CurrandullaLink
21/09/1890ClonbooJames FinertyMMarried80 yearsLabourerVomiting and weakness, 9 weeksNNFrank Allen, occupierLink
22/11/1890ClonbooMargaret WardeFWidow74 yearsPoor womanPain about the heart and smothering, four daysNNJohn Scully, occupierLink
16/02/1891ClonbooMichael BurkeMBachelor11 daysPeasant’s childConvulsions, few hoursNNThomas Burke, brother, PADLink
19/03/1891ClonbooJames CarrMMarried83 yearsPeasantRheumatism, 5 years, pain in his heart and weaknessNNJohn Carr, son and occupierLink
18/03/1891ClonbooMichael MolloyMBachelor20 yearsLabourerPhthisis pulmonum, 4 monthsYJohn Molloy, father and occupierLink
04/09/1892ClonbooJohn AllenMWidower68 yearsPeasantNavel pain, 24 hoursNNBridget Donohue, PAD, CastlecreevinLink
24/02/1893ClonbooBridget BurkeFSpinster12.5 yearsLabourer’s childConsumption and caries of ankle joint, 9 monthsNNMary Burke, sister, PADLink
05/03/1893ClonbooMary HynesFSpinster5 weeksChild of a peasantSmothering of the chest, 1 dayNNJohn Moloy, PADLink
15/06/1893ClonbooCelia ShaughnessyFWidow77 yearsPoor old servantChronic cough and weakness, long timeNNMary Hynes, PADLink
28/11/1893ClonbooHonor WardeFSpinster70 yearsLabourerSevere pain in the neck and sore throat, 6 weeksNNJohn Scully, occupierLink
13/05/1894ClonbooHonor HenelyFMarried50 yearsWife of a farmerBronchitis, 3 monthsNNJohn Henely, son, PADLink
27/07/1894ClonbooBridget AllenFSpinster8 yearsDaughter of labourerComa and symptoms of brain troubleNNFrancis Allen, father, PADLink
30/09/1894ClonbooBridget HynesFSpinster5 yearsDaughter of labourerVomiting, 3 weeksNNMary Hynes, mother, PADLink
22/02/1895ClonbooKate BurkeFSpinster32 yearsDaughter of farmerPhthisis, 6 monthsNNEllen Burke, niece, PADLink
09/03/1896ClonbooAlice BurkeFSpinster13 yearsDaughter of landholderConsumption, 12 monthsNNJohn Burke, father, PADLink
12/07/1897ClonbooMichael HynesMBachelor12 monthsSon of landholderComplaining of measles, 7 daysNNDenis Hynes, fatherLink
01/06/1898ClonbooWinnie HenelyFSpinster70 yearsSister of landholderChronic bronchitis, 12 monthsNNPat Henely, nephew, PADLink
17/06/1899ClonbooJohn DowneyMBachelor40 yearsLandholderPhthisis, 2 yearsNNHonor Downey, sister, PADLink
17/01/1900ClonbooMichael ScullyMMarried35 yearsFarmerCough, 3 daysNNOwen Scully, father, PADLink
23/02/1901ClonbooHonor ScullyFMarried73 yearsWife of farmerBronchitis, 1 weekNNWinifred Scully, daughter, PADLink
Deaths in Cloonboo, 1871-1901

1901 Census

The 1901 Census of Ireland records the following individuals living in 19 households in Cloonboo.

  1. Hennelly, Ellen (72) lived with Martin (44), Thomas (36), Michael (34), John (30), and Kate Leonard (64), sister.
  2. Molloy, John, lived with Bridget (56), Bridget (27) Patrick (22) Thomas (20), Celia (15), and William (12)
  3. Scully, Owen (76) lived with Winnie (29), daughter, Michael (7), William (5), Owen (2), grandsons, and Edward Queeney (60), lodger.
  4. Scully, John (68) lived with Kate (64), Patrick (32), Thomas (22), John (19), Michael (17), Martin (13), Mary Murphy (11) grand-daughter, and Owen Casey (65) lodger
  5. Carr, John (45) lived with Kate (42), Celia (12), Martin (10), James (8), Michael (5), and Julia (2).
  6. Fahy, Martin (72), lived with Julia (55), and Elnor Ruane (40) servant.
  7. Hynes, Denis (48) lived with Mary (44), John (19) Bartle (16), Patrick (14), Julia (12), and Maggie (6).
  8. Hannon, James (64) lived with Celia (45), Thomas (20), Mary (19), Michael (17), and James (13).
  9. Burke, John (63) lived with Bridget (63), Kate (30), and Darby (22).
  10. Hannon, John (75) lived with Mary (52), and Michael (17) nephew.
  11. Hannon, Michael (52) lived with Honor (48), Mary (16), John (14), Ellen (13), Patrick (12), Dermot (10), Norah (8), and Owen (7).
  12. Moran, Bridget (68) lived with Patrick (27), Margaret (23), Honor (28), daughter-in-law, and Mary (2), granddaughter.
  13. Burke, Mary (80) lived with Patrick (55), Honor (50), Thomas (24), grandson, Ellen (18), granddaughter, and Patrick (16) grandson.
  14. Lenihan, Thomas (64), Kate (58), Bridget (23), Thomas (21) and Bridget Walsh (63), sister- in- law.
  15. Downey, Honor (84) lived with Honor Gill (35) and Walter Gill (38) son-in-law.
  16. Hennelly, Patrick (60) lived with John (23), Celia (20), and Honor (17).
  17. Allen, Frank (40) lived with Julia (45) and Kate (16).
  18. Allen, Patrick (32) lived with Margaret (32), Kate (32), Mary (3), and Nellie ( 6 months).
  19. Allen, Julia (68).

One house was of the fourth class, six were of the third class, and ten were of the second class. All had stone walls, and all but two had thatched roofs. There was one public house – Martin Fahy’s.

1911 Census

There were 19 houses in Cloonboo in 1911, one of which was vacant.

  1. Scully, Winefred (36) lived with Michael (17) and William (15).
  2. Ní Mhaoildhia, Sean (67) lived with Bríghid (69), Bríghid (30), Pádhraic (28), Tomás (27), Síghle (23), and Liam (20).
  3. Scully, Kate (69) lived with Patrick (50), Maggie (48), daughter-in-law, John (7), grandson, Thomas (5), grandson, and Mary (4) granddaughter.
  4. Ailín, Padhraic (46) lived with Maighréad (45), Caitlín (16), Máire (13), Neillí (10), Seaghán (7), and Maighréad (4).
  5. Hennelly, Patrick (75) lived with John (34).
  6. was vacant, and was on the holding of Patrick Hennelly.
  7. Allen, Francis (50) lived with Julia (60), Catherine Carr (27), daughter, Mary Carr (3), granddaughter, and Julia Allen (85) aunt.
  8. Gill, Walter (48) lived with Honor (46).
  9. Lenihan, Thomas (76) lived with Catherine (72), Thomas (32), Bridget (38), daughter–in- law, Mary (3), granddaughter, and John Joseph (2) grandson.
  10. Burke, Patrick, (68) lived with Pat (26), and Honor (66), sister.
  11. Moran, Patrick (40) lived with Norah (44), Mary (12), Patrick (9), Martin (7), and Francis (5).
  12. Hannon, Michael (63) lived with Honor (61), John (25), Dermot (21), Owen (17), Ellen (23), and Norah (19).
  13. Carr, John (60) lived wirh Catherine (50), Martin (20), James (18), Michael (16), Julia (11), and Patrick (6).
  14. Hannon, Mary (70) lived with Michael (27), nephew.
  15. Burke, John (74) lived with Bridget (74), Dermot (32), Ellen (28), daughter-in-law Mary (5), granddaughter, Peter (3), grandson, and Michael (1) grandson.
  16. Ó Áinín, Seumas (70) lived with Susaile (65), Tomás (28), and Máire (26).
  17. Regan, Bridget (30) lived with Mary Margt (5), Bridget (3), Gerty (2), Tom Fahy (88), uncle, and Bridget Crowe (16), domestic servant.
  18. Hynes, Denis (60) lived with Mary (61), John (29), Julia (23), Maggie (18), and John Murray (39), servant.
  19. Hennelly, Ellen, (78) lived with Martin (55), Thomas (50), John (38), and Catherine Leonard (74), sister.

Five houses were of the third class, 12 were of the second class, all with stone walls, and all but 1 had thatched roofs. There was 1 public house, Bridget Regan’s.

Cloonboo / Cluain Bú

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    I am really interested in this information as I am trying to trace my Great Grandfathers roots. He was born in Drumgriffin but it was said he lived in Cloonboo. He was Thomas Hannan/Hannon and was born c. 1850, and emigrated to Invercargill, New Zealand around 1871. His death certificate lists his father’s name as Thomas and his mother’s as Cecilia. He had a brother Michael Hannan and sister Mary (married her cousin Thomas Staunton in N.Z.) who both also emigrated to Invercargill, New Zealand. Another brother was said to have emigrated to America. Any information would be appreciated.


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